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English lesson ideas

Discussion in 'English' started by Teacher-in-Training42, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Teacher-in-Training42

    Teacher-in-Training42 New commenter

    The learners are currently writing letters. I am trying to get them familiar with writing letters. I was planning on letting the choose a news paper article of their choice and then writing a letter response about the topic discussed and sharing their views on it..do you think it would be best to address it to the person who had written the news paper article or like to the newspaper itself?

    Has anyone got any creative ideas on how I could break the task down...so I don't over complicate it for them. They are working towards Level 1 English (adult learners).

  2. CaptGrimesRetd

    CaptGrimesRetd Occasional commenter

    For Level 1 I would provide the learners with an article rather than let them choose. If they do choose, keep the article short.

    Then three bullet points:
    say who you and why you are writing
    describe what the article is about
    explain your own opinions.

    Always write to the editor (give their name, the title of the paper and the address if you're making one up).
    Make sure they use their own address as well as the paper's.
    There are many examples of this type of task on the sites of the awarding bodies.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Teacher-in-Training42

    Teacher-in-Training42 New commenter

    Thank you. Do you think they would be able to easily reply to an article about a crime that has been carried out? Like murder ect? Or would it be easier to do something like healthy eating newspaper articles ? Can anyone help me or give me links to articles that they could write a letter to respond too?

    Thank you
  4. CaptGrimesRetd

    CaptGrimesRetd Occasional commenter

    Healthy eating is good. Remember it has to be functional.

    Local pop festivals / closing libraries / lack of community facilities / etc.
  5. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    Although I used to make it up as I went along, you really should be following a scheme of work. FS exams tend to come around about once every 10 weeks so you need to make sure that you have covered everything needed for the exam. I forget the board that I taught but the residents of a certain town were always writing letters about pop festivals and all of the above.
    There are some excellent resources on skillsworkshop.
  6. CaptGrimesRetd

    CaptGrimesRetd Occasional commenter

    One awarding body allows learners to take the exam on demand - Boxing Day, New Year's Day, whenever.
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