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English KS2 tutor needed- Enfield

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by anahuertadiaz, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. anahuertadiaz

    anahuertadiaz New commenter

    Hi! Mum (aka me) is a Secondary Teacher, but she is unable to help her Y5 twins with English (both of them dyslexic).
    She is actively looking for a home English Tutor. Where is the best place to look for outstanding tutors please? TIA
  2. Abitofeverything

    Abitofeverything Occasional commenter

    I think the first place to ask would be at your children's primary school. The head or SENCO might have some useful suggestions. Round here, we also have a great parents online forum on a well-known social networking site, where you get really helpful answers with questions like this. I'd steer clear of the generic tutoring websites and look for personal explanations. Best of luck.
  3. anahuertadiaz

    anahuertadiaz New commenter

    Thanks for the response. Senco/school most unhelpful. No relation with them. My sons have has an English tutor for 3 years. No noticeable or significant improvement.
    Looking for a trustful tutor website or direct recommendations in here please. Looked into FT but no luck with good local tutors. Now looking into TH, is it any good?
  4. cheesypop

    cheesypop Senior commenter

    Please don’t get annoyed with this response. I know that as a secondary teacher our first responses are ‘we can fix this’ and sometimes secondary colleagues can be disparaging about primary education. You will be worried that they will struggle at secondary if they don’t improve. However, your children are year 5. They have had an English tutor for 3 years, so since year 2, and it has made no difference. You say you have no relationship with the SENCO- is that down to you, them or both?
    I suppose what I’m saying is - maybe this is as good as your boys are going to get. For now at least. Do they enjoy this extra tuition? If so, fair enough. But if not? Let them be kids. Potentially they are struggling at school and, with extra tuition, feeling that they are struggling at home too. Save your money, and use it to find something they enjoy (a sport or some other interest) where they can succeed easily.
    This isn’t meant to come across as anything other than a viewpoint by the way, and certainly not to offend.
  5. gainly

    gainly Lead commenter

    Certainly personal recommendations is the best way to find a tutor and is how I get most of my students. This may be difficult in your case as you need a tutor who specialises in dyslexia, so would need a recommendation from a parent with a dyslexic child.

    There are undoubtedly some good tutors on TH and lots of not so good. I don't think it's possible to recommend any particular website. Read the profiles and reviews carefully and ask them lots of questions before committing. I find most people only ask me what the price is, which of course is already displayed on the website.
  6. cheesypop

    cheesypop Senior commenter

    @anahuertadiaz I apologise for my earlier post. I overstepped the mark. You did not ask for opinions about whether your sons should be tutored and it wasn’t my place to give it.
    If you want to report my post I understand.
  7. cornflake

    cornflake Senior commenter

    To the OP: I'm currently taking a dyslexia course online and need to tutor two pupils to get the accreditation ... (I've been a teacher for well over 20 years, but this is to be a specialist and qualified SPLD teacher). If you are based near me, we might be able to help each other. Send me a PM!!
    CalypsoDalma likes this.
  8. cornflake

    cornflake Senior commenter

    Oh heck! Just realised you put a place in the title!! Nowhere near me! Never mind - good luck in your search!
  9. SayItLikeItIs

    SayItLikeItIs Occasional commenter

    Contact your local dyslexia association. They should be able to point you in the direction of a dyslexia tutor local to you. Otherwise, you could find one by googling teachers of students with specific learning difficulties. The first link should give you their professional association, which has a tutor index. TES guidelines prevent me from giving you the name of the association directly. Best of luck!
  10. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    I am a tutor/teacher and I have dyslexia. The place where I was tested and diagnosed was a dyslexia charity (DA) they offered support including tuition. I didnt take it up. People experience dyslexia differently I am a E on the scale. I found primary school difficult but I did much better at secondary school. The most important thing is for your children to develop coping strategies that allow them to excel after education. I tutor maths and the youngest child I have is in year 4 (We started in year 3). It has been a long process and she is still below target can a tutor really change things in one hour per week?One of the hardest things about being dyslexic is when teachers say to you 'if you could just write as well as you explain things verbally' but there is always going to be a disparity. There were some traumatic times at primary school for me and I just wish someone had told me that I was enough and it didn't matter that I had got 0 the fourth week in a row on my spelling test, or that they could see how hard I had tried in my creative writing instead of making me read it to the class as an example of what not to do.

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