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English Graduate Role

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by fmg124, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. fmg124

    fmg124 New commenter

    Hi Everyone,

    I will be graduating university in June and I have an interview with MOE on the 20th April. I have no formal teaching experience as a teacher other than tutoring here and there. I have applied for a role as a graduate English teaching position in the UAE and since I am not a qualified teacher, I am quite nervous about the interview process as I was told that there will a test and an interview. I was wondering if the interview process is different for graduate roles.
  2. vickyrae1970

    vickyrae1970 New commenter

    My advice would be get yourself on a PGCE- more options in the long term with that. I'd also warn against the MOE posts.
  3. AislingAndrew

    AislingAndrew New commenter


    I hope your interview went well? I have been interviewed for the same position and as it is a graduate role they do not expect as much of you as they would of a qualified teacher. Once you arrive in the U.A.E you also undergo two months of training to prepare you for the post.
  4. tzafar

    tzafar New commenter

    Can you shed more light on avoiding the MOE? What’s been your exp with them

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