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English from a London perspective

Discussion in 'English' started by Stacy191, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. I want to teach my KS3 class about English through a London context - can anyone point me in the direction of useful teaching materials?
  2. xg!

    xg! New commenter

    Very vague post. Are you looking for novels set in London? If so when? Contemporary/ Lit heritage? Multi-cultural?
  3. Some of the Songs of Innocence/Experience - Blake have a focus on London. Lots of Dickens is set in LondonUse extracts from Peter Ackroyd's 'London: the Biography' for some non-fiction workUse leaflets from London attractions if you want to look at persuasive techniques Media work could focus on London Underground advertising - some really good stuff from the 1930s that could spark discussion and creative media based responsesI hope that gives you some ideas.
  4. I guess all three. My aim is to get students to understand/think about London and how it has changed.
  5. Really helpful. Particularly love the London Underground idea.

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