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English Express 'Words at Work' series

Discussion in 'Primary' started by GordonWright, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. GordonWright

    GordonWright New commenter

    I wonder whether anyone still has a copy of a series of TV programmes from the English Express series that was all about grammar and included a section called 'Words at Work'.
    I used to have it on video but it went missing in the mysterious way that resources sometimes do.
    It made understanding parts of speech 'interesting' (personifying them as Vera Verb and Norman Noun, amongst others) and explained phrases and clauses as part of sentence building. (That makes it sound a bit dull but it wasn't - the kids used to lap it up.) I'm not sure how they'd fit in Morgan Modal Verb or Sammy the Subjunctive or whatever nowadays if they updated it, mind!
    Since there's such a push on grammar in the state sector now, it would be good if the makers (BBC, I think) re-released it.
    Maybe somebody out there does still have a copy...

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