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English Essays help

Discussion in 'English' started by samjw, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Hi there

    Knowing which independent school you have in mind will help. I currently teach English at an independent Prep School where, although most of our pupils do the 13+ Common Entrance, we do have some doing 11+ so we know roughly what standard the English should be. They don't tend to follow National Curriculum Levels and the exams are set by the ISEB (Independent Schools Examination Board - check their website for syllabus/papers info.)

    However, different Senior Schools demand different standards and what might merit a C for one, will be marked as an A for another. Likewise, some have a "pass mark" of 45% but for others it's 60%! Not helpful at all I know! Let me know if you would like any further help.
  2. Clarerees

    Clarerees New commenter

    Hi Flicka,
    Don't worry about the marking. It is from a guide for teachers to show them how a particular real example would fit into a grade category. In reality, the error you pointed out may be used by teachers to suggest that the piece of writing would not fall into the category above, but generally you are looking to see what a pupil has achieved rather than what they haven't. If I was marking this to give back to the student, I would probably have pointed the error out (as, I suspect, would most teachers). It's worth mentioning that this is also a fairly average student i.e. they would probably not be in the top half of a year group.
  3. Spassky

    Spassky New commenter

    Have a look at page 10 and page 11 of this document. It is a writing mark scheme (provided by the govt.) that breaks the elements of writing down and describes each element in terms of its level. Level 4 is 'average' for a pupil at the end of primary school, Y6. A pupil achieving level 4 aged 11 could expect to achieve a GCSE C grade at 16. If you look at the pages that follow the mark scheme there are some examplar pupil resonses with annotations by a marker. This should help you judge your child's level.

    From the following link you can access more of the same - the "attachments" psnel on the right of the page contains lots of similar documents for reading and writing tasks for years 7-9. You can also download the pupil materials to go with the teacher resources from the same panel and start testing your child... enjoy!

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