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English Degree to teach in UAE? MOE

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by dubai10, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. dubai10

    dubai10 New commenter


    Just been told by a few people that MOE are now only looking for people with an English degree to apply as an English teacher? This would seem obvious however something that has not been the case previously. In my opinion, there are a lot of good teachers in their current roles that did not necessarily come out of university with a degree specific to what they teach.

    What i am trying to say is, any hope for me (or anyone in my situation) in getting a teachers job without a degree specific to the role.

    Quite disappointed in this to be honest.

  2. Jessaki

    Jessaki Occasional commenter

    Not taught in the UAE, but my understanding is that most of the ME countries require your degree and teaching certificate to be in the same subject that you will be in employed to teach. Otherwise you won't get the visa. It's disappointing, but you are not the only one in that boat. This is not the case for Egypt, though so try there if you are keen to work in ME(ish).
  3. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    Yeah I thought this was the case across most of the Emirates and some other countries anyway.

    To be honest, the MOE don't require even a teaching qualificationq, QTS or any classroom experience so what more can you really want? You want to teach English without a degree, PGCE or experience? Not very fair on the kids is it. I mean, yes there are plenty of good teachers without a matching degree who are excellent, but probably not many without a single thing to their name

    I would recommend getting a PGCE in English, doing a year post qualification in the UK and then going abroad to countries which do not need a matching degree.
  4. sparklesparkle

    sparklesparkle Established commenter

    Teaching's a piece of cake. Dead easy. Imagine wasting a whole year learning how to do it! Somebody as bright as me can just waltz into a classroom and get on with it. Getting qualified is for deadbeats.

    And the only prep you need to be an English teacher is to read the books. I learned to do that when I was 5! Who in their right mind would bother to get an actual English degree?!

    What do you mean, it's not fair on the kids? This is about my bank balance and travelling around a bit. Why on earth would the kids come into it?
    blueskydreaming and T0nyGT like this.
  5. dubai10

    dubai10 New commenter

    Well i have a degree in Law and a Celta, with a range of different types of teaching experience from non specific to specific. So i wouldn't say i'm walking in without a clue on what im doing. I understand this would be unfair to the kids if i walked in without any sort of qualification or even some sort of experience.

    I'm specifically looking to see if anyone has dealt with MOE or had any experience finding a teaching job in the UAE without specific degree qualifications.
  6. sparklesparkle

    sparklesparkle Established commenter

    Silly me. Obviously a degree in Law will give you the same level of knowledge as my own four-year degree in English.

    And everybody knows a four-week CELTA, training to teach adults, is the same as a one-year PGCE, training to teach children.

    Can anybody enlighten me as to what 'non specific' [sic] teaching is?
    blueskydreaming likes this.
  7. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    There won't be anyone who has dealt with the UAE without a matching degree as IT'S NOT POSSIBLE. It doesn't matter how many opinions you take.

    Sorry, but I could understand your frustrations if you had an English degree but no PGCE or a PGCE but no English degree but you have neither and expect to be given a job in a classroom. What other industry would allow that?
  8. gafleecey

    gafleecey New commenter

    CELTA is not a teaching qualification for teaching English in schools, even when accompanied by an English degree.

    You might be better looking for jobs with the British Council- (other language school providers are available), as they will consider people with CELTA and relevant experience.
    sparklesparkle likes this.
  9. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    He doesn't want that, he wants a job in a top school in Dubai without a single relevent qualification to his name.
    sparklesparkle likes this.
  10. towncryer

    towncryer Lead commenter

    The UAE have become much stricter about what they will accept as a first degree. In some cases even the wording of the degree can result in a rejection if it does not state clearly what your subject is. Furthermore if you don't have transcripts to prove the content of your course (which many older degree holders from UK don't) then getting a job there isnt easy and probably impossible these days.Turkey is the same and I'm not sure which other middle Eastern countries.
    I would advise taking a PGCE or sticking to language schools if you have a CELTA.
  11. dubai10

    dubai10 New commenter

    Lol, great sarcasm! Honestly, I'm just looking for direction. I have been told by agencies that the MOE are NOW looking at people with only an English degree or MA in English so that gave me the understanding that previous to this it was easier to get in. I understand your English degree and PGCE put you in the position you need to be to obtain a job in English. I'm not here looking for a free trip into a 'Top' school in Dubai. I just need some help as to what to do now. Either way thanks for your replies, even though they weren't as helpful as i hoped lol maybe i should of made myself clearer, great sarcasm though.

    Just to make myself clear, I personally know people who have taught and still teach in UAE and Saudi without a degree specific to what they teach. Which is the ONLY reason i had the hope to apply with the qualifications i had.

    If there is anything you all would recommend i do moving forward please let me know. I'm starting to look at the PGCE route, unless i can be directed otherwise.

  12. dubai10

    dubai10 New commenter

    Ah ok, thanks! I am now looking into a PGCE, thanks!
  13. dubai10

    dubai10 New commenter

    Ok thanks for the reply, i will look into other countries to see what my options are.
  14. desertestrella7

    desertestrella7 New commenter

    Not everyone's cup of tea, but it is the same here in Kuwait. If your degree doesn't match your PGCD/PGDE then you can't get residency. This wasn't the case before when if you had, for example, an engineering degree and a PGCE in maths/physics you could get a job as a maths/physics teacher. Similar to those with a degree in journalism and PGCE in English. All new teachers to the country in the last 6 years or so now have to have a degree in the subject they are teaching. These examples may be a bit harsh since if you qualify in the UK as a maths teacher with an engineering degree, then the UK education system considers you capable of teaching that subject. But not the ministry of education over here......

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