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English Baccalaureate

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by re, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. re

    re New commenter

    Is there anybody out there who is worrying aout the knock on effect of this piece of off the cuff rule making? At the current time, we have four option blocks - if the little darlings are forced to do 1 mfl + 1 humanities subject that reduces the options to two very crowded blocks. Where will tech fit in? Worse still, what about double subjects such as BTEC engineering? With technology college status no longer giving us the luxury of a technology option block all of our own we were squeezed, but once the EB comes it in it will be a nightmare
    Is Gove also hoping to get rid of BTECs? The bbc news last night did mention about 'GCSE equivalents' going out of favour
  2. I can't believe this is about to happen but it is even in schools where our results are great and help boost the 5 S -C grades . It will be a return to the cinderella option block and some of us remember that and the students directed into it.
  3. The implications of this and the knock effect for A'level is very scary! Our subject is concistently the highest achieving in the school with English just behind us, at both GCSE and A'level. We have also twice been judged as outstanding in school faculty reviews. We have a thriving department which had just been refurbished and students love the subect. We develop independent learners who use cross curricular skills in our subject as a matter of course (especially maths science, English, and ICT of course). each year we have 100+ GCSE entries and about 30 at A';level from Graphics and Textiles.Students who are the GCSE and A;level courses continually say that the subject is their favourite because of the level of independent work and variety of skills as well as variety in content of the subject. I am sure much of this is true of many D and T departments. Why don't the government speak to those who really know the answer... the students and the teachers.
  4. Gove probably doesn't even know what is taught in the technology curriculum, he certainly won't appreciate the benefit of it as it will be a subject that his privileged Aberdeen independent school probably didn't offer him the chance to do as we understand it!
    Hence the entire country are to be force fed a diet of 5 subjects he likes, whether they want it or not. He talks about us being isolated as a country, without the young people being able to speak a foreign language, yet in another breath he says Latin counts in the Eng Bacc as a language! How well prepared for the 21st century they will be.
    He has no idea how he's driven a wedge through the middle of staff rooms round the country either... I feel like offering to sit on a wooden stool in the corner of the staffrroom to make room on the comfy chairs for all the important subjects!!!
  5. I agree with this. If Gove knew what design and technology was all about it would be in the Eng Bacc. I would question the benefit of adding classics/latin into the Eng Bacc? What knowledge/benefits would this bring to children that Design and Technology does not bring? I think now is the time for us to get our rationale across to people to highlight the importance of Design and Technology within the curriculum.

    On the other hand it is only a white paper and there is a chance a lot of it will not go through government. We may even have a change of government by the time it comes to go through parliament.

  6. I couldn't agree more. Pupils are leaving school well educated,
    they have reams of paper telling potential employers what they
    know... the problem is many of them can't apply it.

    D&T is essential for an holistic curriculum. Not only does D&T
    teach creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, enterprise and
    many other essential skills that help young people make that
    leap from adolesence to adulthood, it also encouarges children to
    apply what they have learnt in other areas of the curriculum in a
    very practical way.

    My fear is that if D&T is forced to take a back seat, or scrapped, we will end up with fewer
    and fewer creative minds with the knowledge, confidence and skills to
    apply that creativity; something our economy and society is in
    desperate need of.

  7. What do you mean by the cinderella blocks? I have not heard this phrase before.

  8. Back in the days before the NC we had the arts/practical block where the most able kids chose Art or Music and pre all DT subjects, Child development, Drama etc had the least able dumped in them. We also had very little funding and even less status.
    Nowhere in this weeks TES can I find any mention of us in the articles about EBac and I fear for the future of DT as we now know it.
  9. All of our technology subjects are now BTECs and I think our school is planning to restrict the more able students option blocks so that they cover the EB which will result in us getting the less able students in our subject.
    I am in favour of BTECs being of a lower equivalence in some subjects as they are a con to improve school league tables, someone needs to recognise that not all pupils can achieve grade Cs in all subjects and address the social issues that underpin pupil performance.
    I also think that there should be less choice in primary schools, then pupils might actually be able to read and write when they arrive in secondary school.
  10. Hi I first came across the phrase ' cinderalla' subject' when I taught RE which I did for 16 years. It now appears that I have ended up teaching in another area of the curriculum that is considered a cinderalla subject especially as my subject is Textiles! The blocks will just refer to how the subjects are place in opition blocks where students make their choices.
    Best wishes
  11. The situation is the same at our school, I have a good relationship with our curriculum manager who has hinted strongley that more able pupils will be pushed into the English Bac. I was at a meeting last week which discussed the now doomed diploma, doomed NVQ's and potentially could be ousted BTEC's. The emphasis being mooted is that GCSE's is what they want and GCSE's is what they'll get. This means the funding for NVQ's has hit rock bottom meaning no one will take them on as it is not financially viable. The same goes for the diploma as the fudning has been withdrawn from September for all new courses and engineering has been made the most expensive.One interesting point to note, looking at the AQA exam structure and GCSE Engineering comes under Science and not Technology. This may be a way of getting science in through the back door, certainly worth a phone call or two.
    As for history / geography / humanities being included, what utter tosh. I agree with making a language compulsary as long as it is relevant as the English are notoriously bad at speaking a foreign language abroad. How on earth will history or geography make our pupils more rounded individuals ?
    I also agree that Technology is the application of the sciences, engineering and Maths. Hang on a minute, isn't that the STEM agenda ? So, on the one hand we have the English Bac which mentions nothing of Technology and then on the other hand we have a STEM agenda where we fit nicely. Does this Government think about what they are doing ?
    Industry leaders need to take the plight to number 10. I do hope James Dyson reads this and gives them a boot up the rear.
  12. carmic76

    carmic76 New commenter

    Our Yr 9 have just had their options assembly, and some of the more able pupils have been told about the EB and that without a MFL they may not get in to 6th form / college.
    We are looking at doing a short course qualification with next years yr9 to encourage them to opt for DT
    My question is why can't SMT let pupils pick the subjects they like and enjoy instead of 'pigeon holing' them? Also why have options evenings if pupils are going to do told what to take at KS4?
  13. re

    re New commenter

    Because their performance management and possibly pay is linked to the performance at GCSE, among other indicators. When the government changes the goalposts by introducing the Ebac, they have to try to find ways of pushing their school up the tables. It's really not SMT's fault.
  14. As someone who was called into the office yesterday to be told that all KS3 lessons in Tech would loose 1 lesson a fortnight as from September and that we are trying to get students to opt for us in KS4 in one option block only along with MFL, history, geography, Expressive Arts, Art and music, i totally agree Graphics is a MFL
  15. We are in exactly the same situation all I can hope is that the KS3 lessons will remain doubles or food in particular will be finished as our lessons are only 50 mins.MFL is being given our 3rd lesson which we ahd every week!
  16. At our schools options evening the head stood there telling the parents that students "will need the English Bacc to get into university" and more able students would be pressurised into taking these subjects!!!!!!! Looks like DT at our school will be used as the dumping ground for disaffected students and students no-one else wants to teach as usual.

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