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English Bacc

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Cosmic_Rainbow, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Cosmic_Rainbow

    Cosmic_Rainbow New commenter

    As this is a super hot topic atm it quite likely to come up in interview so i just wanted to check my understanding of it.
    from what i can gather the reason that the % of students awarded the bacc is low is NOT beacuse they are not capable of achieveing it BUT they are just not studing the right subjects.
    if schools were aware that students would need a humanities and a language when they picked their options then its likely that the % with a bacc would be much higher atm. also now the schools are aware of the subjects the students need then of course the amounts picking these subjects and then being awarded the bacc will rise.
    no doubt in a few years when more studnets are awarded a bacc the gov will claimed that they have improved education etc. etc. when realistically no they havent.
    if they had bought the bacc in during my gcses i would not have got it as i did not study a langague. this doesnt mean i wouldnt have been capable of achieving it i just didnt have the right subjects
  2. Hi Cosmic
    There's a useful article on the EBac in the TES which you might want to read:
    More on the EBac
    Good luck with your interviews

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