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engaging revision KS5

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by DBizzle, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. DBizzle

    DBizzle New commenter

    I'm wondering if anyone has any particularly engaging ways of revising AS/Alevel maths. I have one good competitive game for doing past paper questions that the pupils enjoy, but am looking for a bit more variety, as i think theyre a bit bored of just past papers now. I have to say I find it much harder to come up with these things for KS5 than KS4 as the questions are so much more demanding in terms of time.

    Any ideas?

  2. I might give them 40 minutes to try a paper - they have to start with the last question and work forwards, then stick A3 sheets around the room with question numbers on them and after the 40 mins is up, put those who completed a question with 2 others who didn't and get them to explain to each other. They use the paper to write their solution using felts. The weaker students then have to explain to another student (and assessed by their 'tutor') and cycle round. There is mingling time built in so that they can compare different approaches to the same question. Our lessons are 100 mins. After 30-40 mins we come together to highlight missing links and fill these in.
  3. stewarty

    stewarty New commenter

    I have been using Tarsia files with my KS5 students. While it feels these are ideal for KS3 the KS5 enjoy them just as much and some of the resources are good.

    I have also put a number of questions around the room bait like follow me cards. The answer to a previous question is at the top and then a new question follows.

    Activities like these just break up the monotonous task (yet very important) of trawling though past papers.

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