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Engaging interview topic

Discussion in 'History' started by LucyEW88, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Hello all,
    I've been given an interview for a history job and for this interview I have to teach a 45 minute lesson on the reliability of sources. I can pick any topic I like to engage the kids and I was thinking about the last London Olympics; it's something the kids can relate to if nothing else, they will be able to understand it, it doesn't seem like "textbook" history and the school is a sports specialist.
    Do you think this will engage the kids or do you think I may need to go into the more weird and wonderful? I just worry about the amount of background knowledge some subjects may require.
    Any ideas on teaching reliability of sources would be great too!
  2. Fine as an idea but in what way do the interpretatoins / sources vary?
  3. I have a lesson on source relability based on WW1 and a VC winner, if it's of any use message me and I can email it to you.
  4. Hi Kira can you email me the above lesson? if so i can give you my email address.

  5. Syria1

    Syria1 New commenter

    If you were looking for a challenging lesson you could always use the 1936 Olympics and Riefenstahl's film (Olympia) as a first source - and then talk about myth and reliability - there is an excellent series of interviews with Owens available online. You could base a really good follow-up extension work on how Owens was treated subsequently on his return to the US.
    Sorry, just realised how old the original post was - but still seems like a viable lesson - perhaps for KS4.

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