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Engage your students with peace, non-violence and inter-cultural cooperation

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by POD_Education, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Are you keeping your students engaged in the run up to the
    summer holidays? The Peace One Day UK Citizenship Resource, which was kindly
    underwritten by online supermarket Ocado, is still available for some
    end-of-term fun!

    A fantastic, innovative resource, with embedded media aimed
    at engaging young people with issues of peace, non-violence & intercultural
    cooperation. Help to launch a 365-day countdown to a Global Truce on Peace Day
    2012 using the new Global Truce lesson plan.

    To register for instant, free, access to this Resource,
    please visit www.peaceoneday.org/en/education.

  2. I am glad someone else has discovered this fantastic resource!I bought the childrens book from the Peaceoneday site.It is a brilliant book.
    We are aiming to mark the day this year with an art exhibition on the theme of peace, and invite parents to enjoy the art and have chat at our cafe!This will make it a multicultural experience and raise awareness to a brilliant campaign hopefully.
    There is a concert at the 02 the same night 21st September which looks like it will be worthwhile.
    Keep spreading the word!
  3. Dear KB281,

    Thank you for your message, we're
    glad to hear you enjoyed the book.

    We love to hear about your plans for
    Peace Day; How will you mark the beginning of the 365 day countdown to Peace
    Day 2012 - a Global Truce.

    We would love to hear about your plans, please keep
    us updated additionally, how have your students responded Peace One Day
    Education Resources? We would love to hear your feedback.

    You can sign up to the Global Truce
    2012 at www.peaceoneday.org, follow @PeaceOneDay
    on Facebook page, to show your support; don’t
    forget to encourage other teachers and students to do the same!

    We look forward to hearing from you
    in the near future

    In Peace,

    Peace One Day Education team


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