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Engage Education or TimePlan??

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by -cadburys, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Torn between which agency to sign up with..anyone have any advice?
  2. dont put your eggs in one baske, use both!
  3. But it's the guranteed work/payment scheme so I have to choose one!
  4. Oh I cant offer any advice, never heard of either.
    How long have you been doing supply, was it hard to be offered two guaranteed work schemes?

  5. I signed up with Timeplan in September. I was asked if I wanted to join the guaranteed work scheme. As no other agencies had found me any work, I agreed. However, the catch was that the scheme only comes into effect when they find you your first job, which, so far, has not happened.
    Engage Education actually approached me, with the usual "We saw your CV on a website and you look to be just the sort of person we are looking for," patter. I cannot say that I liked the sound of the agent involved; he sounded too much like Mat Crawford in the Archers. However, I went along for the interview, got accepted, and that was the last I heard from them.
  6. Oh that sounds so discouraging-considering i was going to actually move to London for this! I have told them this-that I can only move for guaranteed work.. I'm sure they wouldn't let me down....?!
    Can I ask you how much experience you have teaching?
  7. Dear Cadbury, I have over thirty years experience of teaching maths and science in London schools. I have registered with over twenty agencies since last May and, to date, I have had three days work.
    I would serioulsy reconsider coming down to London with the intention of making a living as a supply teacher, even on a guaranteed pay scheme. As many on here will telll you, guaranteed schemes are very restrictive; you only need to miss a call from them, and they will strike you off the list, as someone wrote only the other day. There is very little supply work going, even in subjects like maths and science.
    Do not be sucked in by tempting words by supply agencies. Being a maths and science teacher, I thought that I had a reasonable chance, but it has not turned out to be so. I have heard so many optimistic words from agencies, none of which bear any relation to reality.
    Read some of the experience of peolple on the Rate my Teaching Agencies site, and some of them were attracted from as far away as Australia and Canada, only to find nothing awaiting them.
  8. It means that you will get paid for 3, 4 or 5 days each week, depending on the scheme. However, you have to agree to take any job offered you within a certain radius (usually measured 'as the crow flies', which could leave you with a long and expensive journey, which might not be possible with a late call. As people who have been on such schemes will tell you, you can be 'sacked' from the scheme for very little, and when work gets scarce, such schemes are simply suspended.
    Once again, think very carefully before coming to London, simply on the promise of an agency.
  9. Are you mad? Are you really thinking of moving into London to make a living as SUPPLY, an industry already in decline?
    It's not cheap living here you know.

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