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Endometriosis ... managing the pain and work

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by lou75, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. I have been suffering from Endometirosis for over 10 years and am currently awaiting a third laparoscopy operation/treatment. I am currently signed of work until the easter hols and am getting more and more worried about the amount of time I have had off for this. Just wondered if there are any other endo sufferers in the same boat? How do you manage with the pain and workload that this job demands?
  2. Hi
    I have averaged a lap/treatment every year since diagnosis... so feel for you...
    With regards time off work, you can probably use DDA legislation if necessary...
    The positive thing re work is that the likelihood is once the lap has taken place you should have some relatively immediate relief, so you probably will be back to work with imporved attendance etc...
    My suggestions:
    <ol>[*]Ask to see a pain management expert[*]Make sure that you have spoken with your consultant about treatments for after the op to prevent you getting into the same situation if possible...[*]Have you joined a support network...???[*]Re managing the pain and workload - personally I work around it - not great but it means for me personally I log when I expect to be worse and don't plan o being able to use this time....though can be easier said than done.... I also have sets of "spare lesson plans etc" so that I am never caught short after a bad bout...</ol>Hope the lap's soon - do you have a date?

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