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End of Year Reports - who checks them?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by sgraham28, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. I am looking to find out what systems other schools have in place to check end of year reports. In our school the HOD checks the subject comments and grades/levels first. Then the reports are collated and passed to the form tutors as a printout. Then the form tutor checks the subject comments of the pupils in their groups. The form tutor then adds their tutor comment in a SIMS import sheet (Excel file basically), then they are passed to the HOY for checking and for their comment. Our reports are done using SIMS.
    The questions are who corrects the mistakes or how do you notify the teacher of the mistake? Should a HOD or a form tutor be checking reports in the first place and then contacting the teachers to change the reports. Is this purely administration?
  2. HOD checks subject reports for content, HOYear checks tutor reports for content. The office checks the reports for grammar, he instead of she etc.
  3. At our school all comments are moderated by external checkers, and if you made a mistake, you fix it. The HOD never gets to see the comments. If think that those that do it are all retired teachers.
  4. Subject areas are supposed to arrange mutual checking. In some small departments the HOD checks them. In most it's peer work. This often fails as the quality of the checking is often wanting (hence the need to check!). Senior team check all and return problems to HoD to action. Admin person who prints reports (and is very literate) corrects minor errors and reports problem areas to Senior team.

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