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End of year presents for the class?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mancminx, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

    I bought mine a book each. Had 28 chn and it cost me £30-35 i got books that were buy 2 get 1 free.
  2. I know it's time consuming but why don't you make them a personal card - with their name in bubble writing on the front.
    It will mean more and the parents love it!

    (Definitely cheaper!)
  3. mancminx - your mad!!!
  4. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Depends on how I am feeling by last week. if I am liking them, I give them a pot of bubble liquid. It's nice to see the bubbles as they leave... They also seem happy with a balloon on a string!
  5. I go to the scolastic book fairsand buy them something in their bargain 50p stores. I got the girls hama beads sets and books and the book a build a dinosaur and book.

    They will love them!
  6. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    I gave each of them a fossil ammonite. Puts going to Secondary School into perspective, when you hold something millions of year old, doesn't it?
  7. hey,
    ive been thinking about it too and thought about putting some pics from the yr onto a cd for them but not sure if this would be allowed.think it would prob be a bad idea but its a shame really - would be something nice for them to look back on...
  8. Last year I had a mixed year4/5 class and had throughout the year got them to do presentations on various topics. As an end of year present I trawled round the charity shops and bought each of them a book basing my choices on what I knew about the children.
    This year I have a year four class and I have bought them a keyring with a Viking coin on it as we are ending this year with the Vikings.
    Next year who knows!
  9. I go to someonewhere like Wilkinsoms or Woolworths and buy them a notebook and pencil. Last year I got the boys a football notebook and pencil and the girls a princess notebook and pencil. At least I know they will use it.

    Another teacher I know gives them a pot of bubbles each which the children also like.
  10. teamadmiral

    teamadmiral New commenter

    My favourites have been a frisbee one year and a kite another (got them for under £1 each in Tesco). Thought it might encourage them to get outside in the summer hols.
  11. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    £100? That's 3 cases of wine !
  12. halftermheaven

    halftermheaven New commenter

    Last year I typed a prayer and made a poster for each child. Put a photo of the whole class for them to remember. They can put it up in their room. I'm in a Catholic school btw.
  13. One year when I had year 2 I got them all a pencil case (they were allowed these from yr3 up) I collected them throughout the year in sales etc. and the averaged at 50p-£1, as they were all individual they were really pleased.
  14. iceni

    iceni New commenter

    In the past I have bought small photo frames from a pound shop and put the best photo I have taken of the child that year in it. (Y3) The parents loved that one and I think the kids did too.

    I've also set up an assembly line at home making either salt dough bears or angels.(Y1 and Y3) Oh and a copy of a leavers poem for my Y6s.

    Depends on whether I'm brasic or not at that time of year - liking the bubbles idea, and the kite. I reckon on spending up to £1 each on them if I can.
  15. Yellow Moon catelogue fun & quite cheap !
  16. The last few years I've bought little clip frames from PoundLand (3 for £1) and put a photo of whole class in it that was taken at start of year. Its always surprising to see how much they've chnaged through the year and is lovely for them to look back at in years to come.
  17. does anyone have a copy of a nice poem for kids leaving school? my class are going to secondary school!
  18. At our place - we give 'presents' /'prizes' out throughout the year for various things... ensuring that most people get something. The rules are enforced naturally - eg This is a fantastic story... doesn't look like your writing though!!! The prize would go to the LA child who wrote 4 lines on their own.

    NO WAY should you fork out presents for them. Teachers are underpaid (note a strike this week)so save your money for a treat for yourself. You've given them your gift - your teaching expertise.

    On the other hand - you might not work in an area like me. Majority of kids love their sharpeners/ OWN rubber/ hair slide etc etc. It's only the few that have stated

    'This is rubbish, I gots better stuff at home!' and those that say - where's our Easter eggs! Some just expect it!

    If we really 'celebrate' - the kids in my class love nothing more than a video with a small bag of popcorn or even better - a games afternoon preferably up at the park. Even having longer 'playtime' or the occasional 'free choice' session.

    PLEASE don't encourage the children to expect presents at the end of the year.

    On the other hand, it's got me thinking - this might be an opportunity to clear out my present drawer I think I have about 12 china ornaments, 10 various scents (definitely NOT perfume)and I'm sure I saw some really nice talc and soap at the back there.
  19. Like Post 9, in the past I have bought books from the book people which work out at a pound each. I write a personal message on the title page. I have also done the photo frame thing, or laminated photos of the hcildren sprinkling glitter between the pouches which looks quite pretty.

    This year, because we have a 'class dog' (who goes home with his diary and basket with children during the week) I have bought some pens from tesco in the sale which are covered in a little paw print design. They were reduced to 47p each so quite a bargain really - but it adds up if you have a big class!

    Lots of good ideas on this thread though, and I think making something is a lovely and personal thing to do.

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