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End of year gifts....

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by westlanda, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. The best present I saw was personalised mugs. Either get a class photo or a photo of the recipiant and add how they take their tea/coffee. Tea White No Sugar, that sort of thing. Makes getting drinks sorted in the staffroom much easier :¬)
    Personalised gifts are always much more appreciated.
  2. Thank you for the recommendation.
  3. I can't help with any ideas but I would like to say thank you for being so appreciative of your ta's. I have worked in schools for many years and have had the odd bottle of wine off teachers, but the past two years the two teachers I have mainly worked with have bought nothing for any staff as a thank you. So well done to you - you have restored my faith during these last "stress full! "weeks of term.
  4. I'm sorry, but I don't understand this! We are all doing jobs for which we are paid. Why should teachers buy presents for TAs? Do TAs buy presents for teachers? I really don't think that all this is necessary - what is the point? I work as a TA in secondary and,as far as I know, no teacher here ever buys gifts for TAs - and no TA expects a gift, either!
  5. I think you are perhaps missing the point. Yes we are all doing jobs for which we are paid but this should not preclude us from appreciating our colleagues whoever they may be. So whether it is a packet of biscuits to say thanks or something more extravagent, if it makes the giver and the recipiant happy then that can only be a good thing.
  6. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    I do agree that I never expect a gift from teachers as I am simply doing the job I am paid for but I have received some lovely gifts in the past - mainly jewellery, not expensive by any standards, but obviously bought with my taste in mind - and I find that enormously touching.
    I know that the teacher I am working with this year will not buy a gift and that is absolutely fine - just as with the children, I certainly don't expect presents but am extremely appreciative of any I do get - even the tasteless ornaments - it really is the thought that counts and one of the lovliest gifts I ever received was from a little girl who had obviously spent her own money on a small bar of chocolate for another TA and I.
  7. Hi Miss KS1
    I think you are very generous. I would not expect anyone i work with to spend £15 on me.
    After all we are only doing our job as previous posters have said.
    However in my experience I think what most TAs appreciate is a hand written note telling them what the teacher has most appreciated about working with them. Costs nothing but means a lot.
    Wine, chocs, jewellery and meaningful photos are also appreciated!

  8. And a wee bunch of flowers.
    Its just a simple way of saving "thanks for all your hard work this year "

  9. I am a secondary teacher and at christmas I made my fantastic LSA who supports me with a group of total nutters a small christmas cake, some chocolate truffles and some home-made wine. She bought me a plant because she saw it in M&S and it reminded her of me (I have an allotment and like gardening). I don't see too much wrong with tokens of appreciation when you've enjoyed working with someone and appreciate their support. This can be especially true in secondary where keeping the same LSA is rare and support is often pulled for exams etc.
  10. Thank you very much for the suggestions. I have seen some nice plants in pretty pots so will get them one of them each, and some sweets/wine.
    In response to the person who couldn't understand why i would buy the T.As anything:
    I know we are all paid and are just doing our jobs but I wanted to show the T.As who work with me how much I appreciated them throughout the year and all they have done for me over the year. I know they don't expect anything, just the same as I don't expect anything from the kids in my class.
    I always buy a small token for the kids in my class, and I always buy something for the TAs who have worked in my class throughout the year. I know not everyone does that, and that's up to them, but I do and I want to continue to do so.
  11. Do the TAs buy you a present? I ask because not sure if I should buy the teacher I work with one as I know she will probably get me one. But do I then reciprocate? Traditionally, I think teachers buying TAs gifts came about because we have been low paid but always go the extra mile. But, now that some of us are given more and more responsibility I don't know the ettiquette anymore. When I first started I didn't buy teachers gifts, but now I'm not sure.
  12. Some TAs do and some don't. I would say if you want to get her something then do and if you don't then don't. If the teacher you work with is anything like me then she wont be expecting anything anyway, particularly if you work with more than one teacher throughout the week.
    In the past the ones who do have bought things like a bottle of wine/chocolates/flowers that I like or a couple of times at my last school the TA and LSA who worked in my room clubbed together to buy me Dirty Dancing on DVD as I had mentioned that I really like the film as it had just been re-released.
  13. One of the nicest presents I ever received was a pot of lilies, presented to me, from the class teacher, by a child I had been supporting in the class. It moved me to tears as his little face beamed at me.
  14. Hi
    This idea may be a bit late for this year, but I bought personalised stampers for my TAs from Pedagogs. They have a message on like "Mrs Jones says well done!" You can have any message and they come in different designs, colours and sizes. Since they come from Hong Kong you do need to order them in plenty of time, but they are worth the wait.
  15. i believe in saying thank you even with an inexpensive gift or card. i have found that childrens books are appreciated, appropriate to age group worked with or have given a carefully chosen oxfam voucher, to say thankyou and support the charity
  16. Earrings are not too expensive and can be carefully chosen. I have bought piggy banks, flowers, hand made chocs, plants, and many more things that I've forgotten. A pub meal out together is good too.
    Yes, we are all paid, but we teachers get paid much more than TAs do and often we are interchangable. What is wrong with saying thank you - nothing! A new to me TA sometimes buys me something, but I always tell them never to do it again because of the pay differential, but I will let them occassionally buy me a cup of coffee if I bump into them when I'm out!
  17. Hi MissKS1,
    I have brought my TA a travel mug from Starbucks for £8.95 as she does not work enough hours to earn a break, but often needs a cuppa after her break duty and it's far safer to have a closed travel mug than an open ceramic one in the classroom. Plus the insulating material keeps the drink warm.
    The best thing about this particular travel mug is that it is a 'create your own' in that you unscrew the bottom panel, pull out a sheet of glossy paper and can write/draw/print your own message and re-insert. I have asked the children in my class to all write a personal message of thanks to my TA in coloured pencil/ink so it's nice and colourful too. That way, she will have a constant reminder of the class for years to come... until she gets bored and replaces the insert with a picture of her choosing!
    It cost £8.95.
  18. rcp


    i have a fab TA too couldnt do my job without her- i'd be dead or very mentally ill! so i bought her a voucher for a beauty salon so she can get a manicure or something like that...

    hope it helps??
  19. Why not just have a bit of fun? The price is not the important thing - I cover PPA in our school, so work with 9 different TAs in the week. This term I have bought them a bag of "nostalgic" sweets each. As we have a brilliant working relationship, with a lot of praise & appreciation going on, something like this is an acknowledgment of the good times we've had each term. Sites such as <u>www,aquarterof.com</u> has some brilliant gift ideas, as does www.keepitsweet.co.uk
  20. Most of the teachers I have worked with have given small gifts, usually because we have become friends, and they acknowledge the support given. My current classroom partner have me a " bathtime pamper kit" that contained my favourite things, and I bought her some Japanese sandals because she had to cancel a holiday in Japan. I always appreciate a small gift, and usually the teachers I have worked with have been hard drinkers, and alcohol was always appreciated! My favourite gift on my birthday several years ago was an amazing card from the children, all hand drawn...and they had all wrapped up and stuck to a printed calendar a fun size choccie bar, for a months' wworth of indulgences. Little things, but they make you feel better...!

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