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End of year award certificates for....

Discussion in 'Primary' started by needmoresleep, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. ... best gappy teeth smile
    ... most brave person
    ... most tidy person

    need 27 more ideas if you can help, don't really want conventional best reader etc as they have all tried so hard.

  2. ... best gappy teeth smile
    ... most brave person
    ... most tidy person

    need 27 more ideas if you can help, don't really want conventional best reader etc as they have all tried so hard.

  3. Best eater
    Most polite
    Neatest writer
    Best at sharing
    Most cheerful
    Most helpful
    Most considerate
    Most punctual
    Most enthusiastic
    Fastest runner
    Best listener
    General Knowledge Champ
    Times Tables Champ
  4. brilliant thankyou, half way there, anymore anyone?

  5. Most realistic drawings
    Most colourful/creative pictures
    Best singer
    Smartest uniform
    Most reliable
    Most likely to win an Oscar
    Most imaginative dancer
    Fastest finisher
    Quickest changer (for PE)
    The One Who Never Forgot Book Bag/PE Kit/Dinner Money
    Most sensible
    Best speller
    (Writes) Most interesting stories/news
  6. lovely jubbly, job done thanks v. much was lacking inspiration.
  7. Most entertaining, far-fetched absence notes?
  8. Ha Ha,yes.. best excuse not to do PE
  9. What else?
  10. best reasons for not bringing in homework
    most frequent asker of wanting the loo
    best child to tell tales
    best child to ask the most annoying questions
    the child who has the most difficult parent...
  11. cra13

    cra13 New commenter

  12. best pencil sharpener
    best at cheering up teacher
    best joke teller
  13. sense of humour
    tidiest tray
  14. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

    biggest smile
    most responsible monitor
    cheekiest giggle
  15. KrazyKat

    KrazyKat New commenter

    Thanks for sharing ... these have given me some great ideas. Here are the ones I came up with:

    -outstanding progress in Science investigations
    -endless fascination with the world around him, and willingness to share his discoveries with us.
    -always willing to try new things, and making us laugh in the process.
    -endless patience, and willingness to help other children with their learning.
    -always setting an excellent example for behaviour and attitude.
    -having the cheekiest grin.
    -producing art work that makes us say 'wow'
    -being the Homework Queen
    -moving faster than the speed of light,a nd being the Quickest Changer in P.E.
    -having a smile that lights up the classroom.

    I do tend to be a bit wordy, but I'm hoping to make the kids smile.

    Hope these are of some use.
  16. All fab thanks, I've not made those certificates yet, but when I do will post on here. I have done some key skills certificates though, they're in resources.
    Thanks for your help everyone.
  17. I've done some basic certificates, different wording and borders but you could change them, add pictures and lots more.
  18. Some of ours this year include:
    The Rapunzel Award
    Most Unlikely to Wear Pink
    Drama Queen of the Year
    Best Strop
    Dancing Diva
    'Put your hand down G***** I haven't asked the question yet!'
    Could make friends with a lampost award
    The Horizontal Award - very laid back child...
  19. HaHa, I could think of a few staff to give those awards to, let alone children!

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