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End of Year 1 levels - expected attainment

Discussion in 'Primary' started by triscca, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. What should it be and how is your school describing it on your reports?

    'Level 1'
    'Level 1B'

    Something else?

    Would really value your input on this.

  2. What should it be and how is your school describing it on your reports?

    'Level 1'
    'Level 1B'

    Something else?

    Would really value your input on this.

  3. I don't put levels on reports. I think they should be at level 1b by end of year 1. Luckily, most of mine are above that.
  4. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

    Level 1b-thats hoe=w id word it
  5. I don't think levels should be reported formally until the end of the key stage.
  6. We report it as 1B etc. I wish our yr1's were that low the Yr1 teachers were expected to get their children to 2B/2A as I will be next year = fun!
  7. Thank you - I think there needs to be Govt. clarification on exactly what the specified level should be.

    SO most votes for 1B?
  8. just levelled year R independent writing, reading and maths and 30 out of 60 children in the two classes have come out with a 1b or above the rest have come out with 1C and about 5 have come out with P levels (don't usually do this in year R but moving to year 1 in september and wanted practice levelling and getting to know what is expected for each sub level so sat down with key stage leader and moderated them )
  9. Expected level at end of year 1 is 1b or 1a. If children make a 2 sub level progress per year, they should then be a 4a or 5c at end of Y6.

    We report to parents whether their children are verage/below average or above average for their age group.Also tell them what levels those descriptions relate to.
  10. I thought 1a at the end of y1 would be a 2b in y2 and
    1b at end of year 1 would be 2c.

  11. Poppychick

    Poppychick New commenter

    I thought it was 1A too.
  12. notasstressedasilook

    notasstressedasilook New commenter

    Yes should be 1a if on track for a 2B in Year 2. We only report levels in Y2 and Y6 and then only break doen the level 2 into 2c 2b 2a in Year 2 :)
  13. for our school tracking, we have said 1B / 1A
  14. I've got some children coming into year 2 next year at a 2C in reading and writing. Average is a 1B.

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