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End of term teacher gifts?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mrs.smith, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. I am wearing my parent hat to post this question,although I am also a PGCE student. What would your ideal end of term gifts be from children? I am guessing that most teachers/TA's get fed of of endless gifts of chocolate and wondered what sort of things would make acceptable gifts? Do you love or hate "things" made by the children? My daugher is leaving Foundation, and my son is leaving Infants so would like to get teachers a nice gift.
    Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I am wearing my parent hat to post this question,although I am also a PGCE student. What would your ideal end of term gifts be from children? I am guessing that most teachers/TA's get fed of of endless gifts of chocolate and wondered what sort of things would make acceptable gifts? Do you love or hate "things" made by the children? My daugher is leaving Foundation, and my son is leaving Infants so would like to get teachers a nice gift.
    Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I know I'm a bit of a sour-puss, but I cringe at gift time. Although I appreciate the thought, I'd really parents who are really straped for cash didn't buy me a present, as some are wasted on me. Last year I got... wine (I don't drink! but useful to take to parties), chocolate (I'm always on a diet, so they went in the staffroom), toiletries (I have very sensitive skin and can't use anything with strong smells, so they went to the Christmas Fayre at another school), stuffed toys and ornaments that my other half will not give house room to, and a plate made at one of these pottery places plastered with their child's name and art (a useful plant pot stand!). What I have appreciated is plants and flowers, a thoughtful thank you note expressing the parent's and child's thanks for all my work (especially if mentioning specifics), book tokens, garden centre tokens, pens (I'm always loosing mine), a tin of biscuits (I left them in school and produced them at staf meeting time, winning lots of brownie points), mugs (always in short supply in school), a cookery book (I'd mentioned in passing I was cooking a special meal and was stumped), generally anything that shows you have thought of the teacher as an individual person, rather than just a generic teacher. Although the plate was a bit naff, and probably cost quite a bit I do like child made gifts. I had a small magnetic photoframe once that the child had decorated. It was small and not too OTT and I now have it on my board with a family photo in. One child "helped" her mum make a pencil pot decorated with a dog that looked very like mine and my favourite flowers and another made a bookmark that was lovely.
    Hope this helps!
  4. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    I like flowers, and home made cakes.
    I can't BEAR the 'best teacher ever' tat from Clinton Cards.
    I also can't stand the 'home made' plant pots and book marks and paperweights and hand-painted mugs. That sort of stuff goes straight into a Special Box which the caretaker disposes of for me on the last day of term.
  5. ditwee

    ditwee New commenter

    Its thoughtful of you to ask..I appreciate pens, especially gold and silver marker pens, post it notes ,especially the nicely shaped ones, plants, anything to do with gardening (not just for me but also school garden), handmade cards, poems, room scenters (really useful in smelly KS1 classrooms - you know what I mean!), craft things, Really Useful Boxes (brilliant and British), and sweeties which I can put in my jar for times when being a Healthy School is too much. I do like wine but I'm really not sure about the message it sends to children giving teachers (quite a few of whom don't drink) alcohol. Actually, I think that my son's male teacher is much harder to think of a present for. Any ideas, fellas?
  6. You so kind but I agree with others when they say that presents are not necessary. After all we are only doing what we are paid to do. It is a lovely thought and I am chuffed to bits when I get something - even if it is chocolates !!.
    If I could chose it would be a photo frame. I am one of those sad teachers who have a photo of the previous class up in thier room until their current class leaves and their photo replaces it. I often have a photo taken by me of us all together of my current class up too. A 6x4 or 7x5 so it fits on the desk.
    If I child has made someting like a key ring, that is the best gift of all !! andI love it.
    However, I wish we didn't have gifts or rather parents feel they have to buy them. I think no less of the parents who don't. We have famillies in my school made up of 3,4,5 and in one case 7 children. For them I think it is too expensive
  7. Hope the kids don't see !.
    OK, I have been known to off load things - but to a charity shop out of town - if possible several months later !
  8. I really appreciate ANYTHING and its the thought that counts - that initial feeling of being good enough for the child/adult to want to buy you a gift in the first place is lovely.
    I am more than happy with wine, chocs, flowers, or toiletries as I enjoy and use all of them. Last year a child got me a little nivea kit with handcream, nail file etc which was lovely. The only things ive not really bothered with are the "best teacher" bits and bobs as they dont really have a place at home and I dont have a desk so no space, but still the fuzzy feeling of being given a gift is nice.
  9. How thoughtful!
    Have to say I love getting pressies whatever they are! So although the chocs will go to my son and the smellies to my mum, it's still lovely to get them. Plants and flowers fab, pens always useful. Oh, once got some handmade truffles, they were yum!! I think something where someone (child or parent) has put some thought into it rather than something that costs money always wins with me (card with a message!).
    Have to agree about the 'best teacher' tat [​IMG]
  10. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    Short of giving children a 'wish list', I always drop hints about what I DONT want if they are defo going to buy me something (always lay on that I never expect anything!).
    Best teacher bears / those crummy tacky best teacher certificates / best teacher misc.
    Any handmade food
    Booze. "Anything in a bottle" is a good hint, although can backfore. I got shampoo once. I'm bald!
    Plants (not flowers though...I'm a boy!)

  11. Grandsire

    Grandsire Star commenter

    Is it too much to ask my class to club together and buy me the Lego Hogwarts Castle, instead of 34 "Thank you Teacher" mugs and Belgian chocolates?[​IMG]
  12. Fuzzybrainjo

    Fuzzybrainjo New commenter

    One of the nicest presents I have received was a photoframe with an Egyptian picture painted by the child in it. We had been studying Egypt and it was so beautifully painted.
    As I'm not longer in a classroom but SENCO, I do have to admit that I miss the end of year pressies not because money had been spent on me but because it meant that I had been thought about and shown appreciation. Flowers were always a favourite. The children also enjoyed giving them and seeing them being opened. I also love the messages children write in their cards and the warm fuzzy feeling they give.
    This year I shall have fuzzy-feeling envy[​IMG]
  13. I always feel awfull when it comes to children/parents giving you gifts, going to sound really corny but seeing the childrens progress/how happy they are in school if gift enough for me! I didnt know what to say to a parent at Christmas when they came and appologised for not bringing a gift due to lack of funds and vowed to make me a cake over the holidays instead... you dont need to buy ANYTHING we get paid to do the job [​IMG]. Last year i got easter gifts off 3 of my children....i think its the supermarkets/card companies monoplalising (sp?) on every opportunity.

    My fave gifts have been off parents who are teachers/work in childcare, flowers, river island scarf, handbag accessories, celeb perfume/bathroom kits etc. My friend works in a private school in Madrid and got chanel lipgloss kit off a WAG...now that is a good gift! [​IMG] I think another poster mentioned a nice letter/card off the parent thanking you is lovely!
  14. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Best present ever recieved was a headtorch. Without going into the details, it was a particularly well-thought out gift, based on a story I'd told them of myself and a nasty climbing accident that had happened a few years before. What made it even more wonderful was that it was from a particularly troublesome little blighter who in many ways should have seen me as his nemesis. I nearly cried.
    Rather not get bought anything really; a home-made card is always a winner but if pushed, booze is best for me (and being a bloke is what it tends to be). Rather that than stale choccies left over from last Christmas and suspect looking aftershave bought 'down the market', anyway.
  15. I don't expect gifts, but I must admit that I do enjoy them!!
    The best ones that I have received are...next vouchers, waterstones vouchers, necklaces, scarves and chocolate.
    The worst presents for me are...wine and cuddly toys.
    I do have some wooden plaque type things saying 'best teacher' that I do actually quite like!
  16. jillinthebox

    jillinthebox New commenter

    A colleague once recieved a wonderful gift from one of his Y6s.... the biggest most disgustingly overpowered Super Soaker water pistol you could find in any of the shops around here. You've never seen a grown man with a larger grin on his face, particularly in the afternoon water-fight (pre-planned) where every single kid in the class got to know the recieving end of it!
  17. My best ever gift was an elephant! Yes, an elephant! The TA working with a group of children had organised them all to donate and bought me an elephant sponsorship.
    Of course, she then had the task of explaining where I would keep it . . . .
  18. It is lovely to think the children want to buy you a present. The best present I ever got was when all the parents clubbed together to buy M & S vouchers. I got nearly £100. I also like book tokens and accessorise tokens as the kids know I like a new handbag each term and I've always got a book on the go!
    I also like it when the children buy oxfam or save the children gifts. It's lovely when they buy a class kit for a teacher in Africa or a goat for someone who is more needy than me and I feel good that we are both helping a charity.
    I've not bought any toiletries for 2 years as I use all the pressies I receive - you must drop hints though about what you like. Parents aren't offended.
  19. No more endless candles or chocolates. My favourite gift and one I always but my children's teachers, wine. Most people like white. I will also buy M&S vouchers. At one school I worked at the parents got together & gave a Brent Cross voucher. Very useful. Hope this helps.
  20. I have given costa coffee and cinema vouchers in the past both have been warmly received. I know I would appreciate either, this year I have ordered a personalised marking stamper for a male teacher. Hope it helps

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