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End of Term Staff Meal

Discussion in 'Primary' started by The Red Heron, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. The Red Heron

    The Red Heron New commenter

    10 years on and I still can't understand it...is it a gender thing to sit there knackered and make small talk whilst sipping on a coke as everyone drives?
  2. We don't sit there knackered making small take. We have a bloody good night out. Nobody drives there so everyone can have a drink, cabs are booked together or floors are slept on if people live further out.
    Mind you, we actually like each other at our school so that probably makes a difference. We go out regularly so the end of year meal is not a huge deal.
  3. The Red Heron

    The Red Heron New commenter

    Sounds good to me...sigh
  4. Our staff parties are legendary. Best ever!
  5. I would normally enjoy it - but to be honest at the end of the year I just want to go home and get away from school completely. I like my work colleagues and class them as friends but we inevitably talk about work, and on the last day of term I just cannot be bothered with it.
  6. The Red Heron

    The Red Heron New commenter

    Completely agree impulce, Tues staff meal and then the Chair of Govs invites us round on the Weds for drinks aarrgh-FOR GODS SAKE LET US GO HOME-I do not want to see a colleague, child, planning sheet etc for 6 weeks. Why are people in the profession so odd and aloof at this time of year?
  7. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    LOL I don't mind staff meals if I can sit with my friends and leave fairly quickly, an hour and a half is usually about my limit!

    If I get stuck with colleagues who drive me nuts at work AND the service is slow so I'm there for a couple of hours I really really resent it.

    Always sober as I always drive, and I'm rubbish at drinking so would be really embarrassed to be drunk after half a glass of wine in front of colleagues.
  8. I normally quite like mine but left early as it turned into a fairly vicious bit'ch fest.
  9. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    Our staff meals get talked about in the village for weeks afterwards. They're so good. We have a really good time and let our hair down (and other things) big time!! Wouldn't miss one for the world no matter how knackered I am.

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