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End of term science type activities

Discussion in 'Science' started by dpt, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. dpt


    I am looking for some fun but educational end of term Science type activities to use with both KS3 and KS4 classes during activities week. Has anyone got any good ideas they don't mind sharing? Many thanks in advance....
  2. I do Bath Bombs at Xmas with Lower school & I'm making IceCream with Lower school for summer. I don't tend to do "fun" in the last week with GCSE kids as I work up to the end of term...
  3. I'm probably going to pull the van der graaf generator out to see what we can do with it, some quizzes (mostly no prizes) with scientific questions, maybe a team building activity like strongest bridge using limited materials.
    Some sort of practical with any Y10s who have finished their c/w although what, I dunno. There's a nice activity on 10 greatest inventions from the Science Museum in London which might be a bit 'calmer'
  4. I've had the van der graaf out and I'm going to do the mentos coke fountain and get the kids to draw a poster to explin it
  5. I have just done a whole term on making different types of slime and studying the properties of it - can be as simple as cornstarch and water or psyllium husks/water or more complicated using PVA glue/Borax or PVA solution and Borax. Contact me if you want recipes. Or have a colours day - spectroscopes, milk with food colouring and dishwashing liquid, separating colours in textas or smarties, shining torches through prisms, showing the primary colours of light using torches/cellophane, flame testing (fireworks colours), etc. Homemade shrinkies using yoghurt tubs, permanent markers and an oven/toaster oven? Again, feel free to contact me for more details if you need them.
  6. Favourite end of term activities in my lab tend to be science board games and science jigsaws. Even my 6th form will do a jigsaw, as cynical and old as they are they love it. I have 3 human body and 1 space jigsaw and one board game called anatomix. Any suggestions of other board games would be fab!
    Normally get groups of 4-5 on each one, develops team building skills and allows them just to be kids for a while. Haven't had any complaints from SLT, many of whom have come in and given the kids a hand with jigsaws from time to time!
  7. kscience

    kscience New commenter

    Where did you get the jigsaws from?? Even a manufacterer name so that I can Google.

  8. I got some weird and wonderful facts from either the wellcome foundation website or new scientist and did a kind of match the defintion to the word game in teams (or you could do call my bluff with them). I also found lots of obscure facts about strange animals (like duck billed platypuses - if you use these, I recommend you get a picture of one, some kids think you've made them up) and do true/false quizzes. Great for the less able as no-one's got a clue about the right answers. Tot up scores over several lessons if you have to! Always the highest tower still standing with limited materials. Film cannister rockets (highest wins if outside). There are some pretty cool computer games based around infections too, if you have IT access.
  9. Upd8 have a good World Cup quiz if you have computer access. It involves finding out science facts from all the countries in the World Cup and can be done as a competition. Year 7 loved it when I used it in 2006 (it has been updated for this year).
  10. bogstandardcomp

    bogstandardcomp New commenter

    general knowledge ict quiz

  11. I like your idea of making different types of slime. Could I have your recipes please?

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