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End of placement gifts for reception class...

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by jaybee1, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I've read a few of these posts, but still yet to find something special to give my reception class. I'm a PGCE student and have been on placement for the past 12 weeks and it's my last week this week.
    I'd like to give the children something that isn't too expensive, and won't over-lap with whatever the class teacher gives them at the end of term. I might make some fairy cakes, but I'm loathe to give them sweets. Someone suggested books, but I don't know anywhere to bulk buy decent books - I can't really afford much as I'd like to buy the teacher and the three TAs something as well!
    I know some children would appreciate a bookmark which is pretty easy and cheap to make, but there are many who aren't really reading yet, so that seems a bit unfair.
    All suggestions gratefully received.
    Thanks. [​IMG]
  2. Why don't you buy a class gift for everyone...something that you think everyone wil enjoy like a nice story book, dvd or a bubble machine, or something you have noticed is missing from the classroom. You could wrap it up so the children had a sense of occasion; the staff would enjoy a novelty resource at this time of the year too.
    As a teacher I wouldn't expect a gift but everyone likes to be appreciated so a card and a gesture (small bunch of flowers) is enough.
  3. How about try the pound shop for something like tubes of bubbles or funky pencils/rubbers.
  4. Students have given my class a special book just as starbelli suggests. The children loved the whole thing,- its a presentfor all the class, beautifully wrapped and looking very exciting. We always unwrap them as a class and then listen to the story. There are great sales at the moment and if you want a book try the book people on line (not sure if its .co.uk or .com)
  5. Could you buy some ingredients for a leaving party - fruit to make smoothies or kebabs, or bake something with the chidlren, bit of dancing?


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