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End of contract

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by amariB, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. amariB

    amariB New commenter

    Is anyone else in the situation of ending their contract in June? What does everyone plan to do if they can't get out of their host country in time to move on to their new job or return home? My current Asian country is on lockdown, with all flights to the UK cancelled. Even if the lockdown is lifted, I don't know when regular flights will be up and running. My visa expires at the end of my contract. Currently weighing up whether it's worth asking if the school will keep me on another year, as I am sure some new staff might drop out, or just wait it out and hope I can leave in July!

    The embassy advised all who wanted to leave, to get out a few weeks back, but I couldn't due to work commitments, and now I fear it may be too late. Getting stuck here with no job, no visa (unless I can extend it), and no health insurance is not appealing. I don't have a new job to go to and was planning to return home for a while and wait it out. Would be interesting to hear others' ideas and plans!
  2. clovispoint

    clovispoint Occasional commenter

    If you haven't burnt your bridges, I'd seriously look at staying. There is no quick way out of the current situation so having a job and a stable future for the short term would be a comfort. It could well be that your replacement will be unable to depart to begin their contract. The school is likely to be favourable to have a person in post.
  3. BlueHues

    BlueHues New commenter

    Really hope you get your situation sorted and I really hope there is some compassion shown by employers for those who are ending contracts and / or needing further assistance.
  4. migratingbird

    migratingbird Occasional commenter

    We're in a similar position but my husband does have a (non-teaching) job to go to. Problem is, he'll need a visa and I can't imagine they're being sorted with any urgency right now. He's been told he can start "when it's safe to do so" but that doesn't help us in the meantime. It's not like there's anywhere cheap we can go and hunker down in as everywhere seems to be the same!
  5. tigi

    tigi Occasional commenter

    I'm in the same position but can't stay for various reasons. I will have to see what happens.
  6. Ne11y

    Ne11y Occasional commenter

    Some countries, like where I am now (Russia) are allowing emergency extensions (apparently - I've heard it's a thing but don't know anyone who has used it yet).

    It might be worth looking into what the local authorities are prepared to do.

    Be honest and open with your school now, start the dialogue now. They might be able to extend your paperwork to tide you over.
  7. Duraz

    Duraz New commenter

    If, in July/August, you are unable to get out of the country, your replacement will probably be unable to get in to the country. In this case I would have thought your school would be happy to grant you an extension to your contract and visa at least until the replacement is able to take over.
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