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End of BTECs, D&T in schools and UTC's

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by TheCleaner, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. The curriculum review, to be implemented in 2014 renders D&T a non-discrete subject, to be taught 'through' other subjects in the same standing as citizenship and ICT, allowing schools to implement as they see fit. No PoS, no accountability, so maybe designing a poster, on a computer, for a charity tick off the 'basic curriculum' provision?
    <u>I know that many are skeptical of this changing anything at all in any big way</u>, but open your eyes for goodness sake
    While the D&T department may have serviced various BTECs, which have currently helped a school reach its floor targets and keep the subject in favour, that incentive too will be gone.
    So where does that leave D&T?
    - Out of the NC, as a discrete subject, removing the lawful entitlement for every pupil to study it, whether its a comp or academy.
    - Out of the EBacc, which is increasingly being encouraged to parents by schools. What else explains it going from less than 20% studying the combination of subjects to almost 50%.
    That is very tangible and if it doesn't convince you that things are changing, what will? Even the DfE said it will superseed the 5 A-C target as the main measurment when, and I quote, "schools have had time to adjust their curriculum"
    - Out of the leauge tables, BTECs gone by the time the current year 9's finish their GCSE's, so this news comes right in time for schools to push kids more down the EBacc route, which ticks off not only EBacc %, but by default that pupil also achieves 5 GCSE's A*-C inc E & M.
    <u>It leaves it an extremely expensive subject, not fulfilling any of the 'paper targets' which schools do clearly chase</u>.
    <u>What reason does a head teacher and SLT have for keeping D&T in the school in the same size it is now, in 2014?</u>
    Over the next two years, academies will become the norm, and there will be a huge downsizing of D&T departments as they have huge incentive, and more importantly the power, to do so.
    Though, when questioned on this point, what will Gove say, I think it will go something like this
    "we are doing marvellous things with the UTC's we are setting up where pupils can get an excellent technical education and allow the academies(ex. comps) to focus on the those wishing to progress to higher education, which they can do by focussing on the subject such as those which make up the excellent English Baccalaureate"
    So what is a UTC, or Studio Schools for that matter, are they likely to be the one of the few places you can work with a D&T subject specialisms? Well expect to work all year round, and with teaching hours of 9-5.
    What they allow, is by building maybe 20 of these in the whole country, they allow EVERY school to then not need D&T in them.
    Has anyone else noticed the rather sinister coincidence that all of the subjects that make up the EBacc are the least resource hungry subjects that can be taught in basic classrooms with textbooks that can be used over and over.
    It feels like a cost-cutting exercise, so while D&T, Art, Music and ICT, all very resource heavy, fall out of favour in most schools, by setting up the odd studio school and UTC, they have a counter argument. Maybe I am just too skeptical of this government education policy to seeany positives in it...
  2. Agree. Very worried about being told "we are reallocating your capitation, as the visitor centre at a day trip for some of the year 8 pupils will be able to teach them all they need to know about technology".

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