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Employment prospects with PGCE R.E.

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by BRENHELL, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. my personal thoughts are:
    1) Generally good. Lots of schools are reviewing RE provision, bu it remains compulsory on the school curriculum of all state schools. You need to be flexible though, and be prepared to teach other subjects such as Citizenship and History.
    2) Yes. Lots of international schools will teach English National curriculum, GCSE and A'level.
    3) Yes. RE and Philosophy A'levels are much more popular than before and many 6th forms are expanding as minimum school age increases.
    4) Yes- many people train and work in the state sector for a few years, then work abroad then return to the state or private sector. However, the longer you work abroad, the less employable you become in the state sector.
  2. Hiya - just a word of caution - if you are aiming for evangelistic training and Christian ordination, then are you sure the nature of pluralistic RE will suit you. Most friends I know (from a broad Christian background) say they would find treating all religions with the same respect etc rather difficult for them. Just wondering......
  3. It's something I think about often and no it's not a problem, more of a necessity. I personally find it strange that someone would follow a particular belief system without looking into alternatives. I don't respect all religions but I respect all humans and since it is an academic subject it has to approached from a certain perspective and without prejudice. I have studied the basics of Theravada Buddhism and Islam. I have no time for either religion and would prefer them not to exist. However, my personal view or set of beliefs does not really enter into it.
  4. Everyone reading this thread has taken a collective deep breath and is thinking that the possibility of this person getting an RE job is 'unlikely'.
  5. matryoshkadoll

    matryoshkadoll Occasional commenter

    This is worrying...
  6. I am entitled to my personal beliefs.
  7. 576

    576 Established commenter

    I'm sure it is possible to do so.
    RE teachers do not just teach facts.
    They facilitate students developing their own views, opinions and beliefs.
    They encourage and develop in their students tolerance, open mindedness and an understanding towards those who have other points of view.
    You can't do that if there are religions that you think should not exist.
    I'd advise you to stick with the TEFL.
    There are too many unemployed teachers in the UK at the moment anyway.
  8. Islam says that it is the religion that completes Judaism and Christianity. It also states that it accepts the Bible as one of its sacred texts. However, Islam denies that Christ is God and denies the doctrine of the cross - free pardon for all sinners thanks to the finished work of Christ on the cross. Moreover, Christians do not recognise Mohammed as a prophet, but rather, a false prophet. So they are not all aligned or the same thing. Christians believe that Islam is the work of Satan since it seeks to subvert and pervert God's rescue plan for mankind.

    There's no middle ground (unless of course you treat it as a set of philosophies and a school subject, to be dealt with in an objective and detached manner, which is perfectly fine depending on the goals/ purpose of the course).
  9. 576

    576 Established commenter

    How can you celebrate freedom of religion when clearly you don't believe in it.
    What you're failing to take into account is that we are RE teachers - we know what the syllabi looks like, we know how the students, parents and other staff respond to the subject.
    And we seem to be of one opinion which is that this really isn't the best career choice for you at the moment.
    When you clearly can't abide Islam isn't it incredibly odd to choose to go and live in Saudi!
  10. If you want to teach in Italy, RE would definately have to be Catholic, unless you manage to find an IB school. Where do you want to apply to for your PGCE course? As far as I know RE is also heavily oversubscribed, but if you know that this is what you should do, then I'm sure the door will open. All the best to you!
  11. If it is Thailand, Italy or Dubai where you want to work, you really shouldn't choose RE. There won't be any RE jobs in Dubai, Italy - as I said before, will be Catholic RE and Thailand - well, you are looking at Independent Schools such as Harrow International. Practical advise how to get to teach other subjects: be open to apply for positions that advertise for a Humanities teacher, offer to teach other subjects and show an interest to work cross-curricular with other colleagues. Both History and Geography are often linked with RE and some KS3 teaching is cross-curricular. You can try to get a job that is advertised teaching two subjects or, once employed, show a willingness to branch out into other subjects. It worked for me.
  12. matryoshkadoll

    matryoshkadoll Occasional commenter

    Adam490, I think you need to be very careful. I do not appreciate being likened to a satanist. Now you have offended me. When I talk about several different paths to God, I refer to religious pluralism. This as others will inform you is a concept that is on the KS4 syllabi when talking about Christianity and other religions. We teach about Exclusivism, Inclusivism and Pluralism.

    Pluralist Christians believe that 'all forms of religion will lead people to God and everyone is free to follow the one that suits them best. They argue that our religion is often an accident of birth. A person born in Europe is likely to be a Christian because they will be brought up in a Christian culture whereas someone born in India is likely to be Hindu or Sikh, depending where in the country they are brought up. All of these religions are good and have the right to exist alongside each other.' (Religion and Life, Folens)

    'There are many rooms in my Father's house, and I am going to prepare a place for you.' (John 14:2)

    This is the concept that I am talking about. I am certainly not a Satanist. I am however a pluralist Christian. My father was a devout atheist, my mother, Church of England. I grew up in a secular school system and was prevented by my father to have anything to do with religion. I was intrigued in high school by concepts of reincarnation and had many questions. I had a long spiritual journey before officially becoming a baptised Lutheran Christian when I was 19. To have my views likened with the occult is extremely offensive.

    I have a great respect for all of humanity and it's spiritual nature. That great spark that makes us uniquely human.
  13. I am a Christian with over 30 years experience in my faith. I currently teach A Level Religious Studies, having previously taught in a faith school and many church settings. My initial degree is in Theology and I also have a Masters degree. I have trained for and entered the ministry, also trained and nurtured others into it.
    My current teaching looks at Ethics & Philosophy of Religion.
    Having read your views Adam490 I would suggest aim to go into missionary/ministry work or that route. Oh to be young again and be certain of everything and know all the answers!
    The classroom is not the place to be narrow it requires a broader more tolerant approach and if you want respect for your beliefs and personal faith - guess what,you need to offer others the same respect and courtesy. I'd advise that you get alongside somebody who can mentor and nurture you (discipleship) - the hard edge of your faith needs a little softening.
    I'd much prefer to sit down and talk with you as this medium is easy to ruffle feathers and open to misinterpretation. I cannot see any value in trading Bible verses or seeking to belittle other faiths or religions.
    As the godly man who mentored me used to tell me, " Some things are caught not taught".
    Get alongside someone and catch their heart, don't allow your zeal to become an obstacle to some.
    I wish you well, if you want to chat more then let me know.
  14. I teach several pupils who self identify as Satanists, I wonder how Adam490 would deal with them? I hope not by asserting they are Theosophists - they would be deeply (and imo rightly) offended.
  15. For someone who is looking to apply for a PGCE adam490, you don't arf spend a lot of time on this forum spouting a load of evangelical stuff. No doubt when you have a break from this forum, you are busy writing letters to your MP about the 'horrors of gay marriage' , 'banning the burkha' or something else that doubtless makes your blood boil.
    So to sum up you want to be an RE teacher that loathes and detests all religions other than one branch of Christianity and by doing so, you are prepared to lie to pretend you respect other religions when you clearly don't.
    Of course, if you do fess up in an interview about being a hateful Islamophobe (just for starters) no-one will give you a job unless you were applying as an RE advisor to the KKK. So this thread is entirely academic as no-one in their right mind would give you a job with any young person in any school.
    Enjoy your crusade in Saudi!
  16. Brenhell, currently really wishing there was a 'like' button on these forums...... [​IMG]
  17. Many thanks gruffymax, but after my rant, I think I might take my own advice and stop posting here!

  18. First stop for you - basic errors in reasoning, and fallacies. We'll start with our friend Flew:

    No true Scotsman
  19. matryoshkadoll

    matryoshkadoll Occasional commenter

    I think really, as far as philosophy is considered..... we need more of an open mind, which hasn't really come across, has it????

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