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Employability of KS2/3/4 English Teacher?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by JonnyEnglish123, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. I'm on a course that means I will be trained as an English teacher but specialise in Key Stage 2 & 3. I would also be training in KS4 too. Previous graduates of this course have gone on to teach in both primary and secondary schools. What are my career prospects? I'm in the north but would be happy to move for a job.
  2. Just a guess, but I would have thought you'll be fine. Surely even if you can't get something all the way up to KS4 at first, with a couple of years of successful GCSE teaching under your belt, it'd be a walk in the park? /Jealous!
  3. I just wanted to be sure. It's a tough time for graduate teachers.
  4. I was under the assumption there is currently a great need for English KS4 teachers is this right?
  5. Sadly not the case so much anymore. There is a demand, but not enough to stop the government cutting the number of training places by nearly half. The North is bad for teachers at the moment, some may have to move to find jobs.

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