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Embedding work related learning and enterprise within Spanish SOW

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by lynneplaza, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. lynneplaza

    lynneplaza New commenter

    Hi, does anyone have a clue how to incorporate work related learning in the spanish sow? All subjects have been given this to add to their SOW, whereby students need to show they are proficient at the following:
    I know, through experience, about a wide range of work sector settings related to Spanish I can take part in a range of activities with employers and employees enthusiastically within Spanish I understand how business works and can contribute to successful creative and collaborative enterprise projects within Spanish.

    Apart from contacting local travel agencies, I dont have much of an idea...

    Any suggestions welcome

  2. veverett

    veverett Occasional commenter

    I assume all ither su jects are doing this too? So if it is a major school initiative grea t opportu ity to work across departments, bring in expertise and make a difference to the school. Shari g ideas and contacts in a joined up way.
  3. veverett

    veverett Occasional commenter

    But if they just want it 'covered' so they can put it in a statement, then just annotate your existing SoW to show where the links are. So greetings, numbers, buying lunch, knowing your way around, answering the phone, talking about future plans, translating, anything tourism related... just put a footnote to say it's business related.
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  4. cathr

    cathr Occasional commenter

    Curious to know what you did? Topics suggested by Veverett seem relevant but what is the precise thinking behind the request?

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