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Embedding Maths Mastery in the EYFS

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by claired82, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. claired82

    claired82 New commenter


    As a school, we have been on a journey to embed Mastery in Maths. This has been largely focused so far on KS1 and 2 with the adoption of a Singapore Maths scheme which has taken all our efforts (expensive to train up teachers and v.different get to grips with).
    Attention has turned to EYFS this year and I've been asked to embed the principles of Maths Mastery in EYFS (Nursery from 3yrs and Reception). I recognise that Mastery is what EYFS is all about but I need to write an action plan and deliver training to staff to improve their understanding. Plus, I will need to provide some sort of measurable indicator of the impact it is having.

    Can anyone suggest any particularly relevant reading/case studies/texts that I could look at? I'd like a good definition and some sort of examples of what one would expect to see in an eyfs classroom that has embedded Maths Mastery well. This, somewhat, is more to confirm that what I believe is actually correct as I have received no training myself (EYFS were left out of whole school training). I'd love to hear from any maths co-ordinators or eyfs leaders who feel they have got a good handle on this particularly.

    Some thoughts I've had are -
    - Daily Maths Meetings being used
    - Practical activities visible and no skipping from this stage to the 'abstract' without a thorough exploration of 'pictorial' stage
    - Correct mathematical language being used, reinforced and encouraged including "full sentence" responses
    - Objectives being explored "in greater depth" rather than accelerating children through content

    Basically any thoughts are welcome!

    Many thanks

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