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Embedding ICT and issues related to it

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by ayeshaomar17, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Dear All!
    I would like to know if anyone has embedded ICT in their curriculum. If yes please share your experiences both good and bad.
  2. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Posted this a while back
  3. Thank you becktonboy you don't seem like a big fan of ICT embedded curriculum. Well as the time passes we have to equip our learners with the practices/skills that they would be needing/using in the years to come. The use of ICT i feel will be inevitable everywhere. (Which is evident i suppose)Futhermore, todays learners are more fascinated with gadgetry etc and enjoy learning with it.
    We just need to be convinced in our minds to accept that as we are the "digital immigrants"and they the "Digital Natives". Therefore, we have to keep pace with them if we want to get through to them.
    I just want to have a flexible approach on this so do guide me about the positives if you have some in mind.

  4. I found your discussion very interesting. I am integrating ICT in teaching English Language and Literature but I cannot call it 'embedded' because my curriculum does not support it. I plan it when I see topic is easy for the learners and they can independently handle. Although, I use it for enhancing my students learning, however learners sometimes find it too tedious and time taking. Also for me reviewing and assessing on computer seems difficult. Assessment (formative and summative) is mostly done in traditional way. I cannot change the curriculum, what changes should I bring in my teaching practices and planning. What are the barriers that prevent me to embed ICT fully?
  5. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    agreed - tokenistic use of ICT is of little value
    It <u>can</u> be used to enhance and speed up the presentation of problems and analysis of misconceptions/errors as well as improve on the spot record keeping/assessment - there you go, you can now use IT in 5/12 of your maths lessons......
  6. Dear Ayesha,
    I use ICT in my teaching. Though it is embedded in our curriculum, yet our school system feels the need to further improve it to 'enhance' learning and make it realistic and relevant. So, I and others in various schools have been chosen to work on it, integrating web2.0 technologies, carrying out thematic, multimedia projects, participating in online projects such as iEARN and also to train and develop the teachers. I conduct need based workshops ,observe teachers' ICT embedded lessons and give them suggestions for improvement. What I feel is that no matter how enthusiastic you are about the effectiveness of ICT, it is something which teachers adapt to, at their own pace, what you can do is to set up a good example and let them work without pressure to transform , while at the same time facilitating them in every way possible.
    It is very important to have a flexsible curriculum and scheme of work if you want to promote the use of ICT, because we can not expect students to extend their learning by being in a rush to get over a task.
    Would like someone to share their views.
  7. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Very nice of you, and by
    that I mean very condescending of you If I felt I needed your help to
    find websites to support T+Lwith ICT I would ask my head to give me a role other than ICT coordinator, sharing is one thing, assuming I need help to do such a mundane thing is a bit insulting
    .........and as to
    certainly don't......
    well guess what, I live in the same
    world and I had noticed but then you wouldn't know that, as you don't
    know anything about our EY setup .....

    is that a question for me or bobboots? either way are
    you involved with the organisation of the world education games? sounds
    like it..... and picking out 1 website for mention, despite it being readliy available in any halfway competent google search, seems a little partisan to say the least..
  8. becktonboy, i guess you got me all wrong! Sorry for making you feel the way you felt,about however you felt it.[​IMG] but that was never and will never be my intention for anyone. Do you really feel that people with condescending attitude ask others to share their views for support and guidance?? Well think again. By the way i don't have a habit of checking out peoples profiles/backgrounds when i ask for their views. But from now onwards i will.
    Coming to world educational games well I am from Pakistan and they originate from Australia. See any connections???
    I am not as knowledgeableas as you are as far as picking out one website from google is concerned(as you so politely mentioned). May be you could enlighten me with a list of some really good ones for all the subjects that i had mentioned in my post.It may turn out to be useful for our Early Years curriculum. I Would be overwhelmed with gratitude seriously!
  9. Dear Shehla,
    Thank you for sharing. I have begun to understand the being flexible part in terms of curriculum and have started working on that but i guess it will take time. Our school system is very widespread in the country and any changes taking place takes some time. I guess i am on the right track judging from your advice about letting teachers adapt slowly and guiding them by conducting effective ICT lessons/facilitating etc. But seriously when the curriculum is not flexible than teachers do feel that they are in a rush to get over a task.
    What kind of curriculum are you following? Has it been designed by your own institution or are you following(have adopted) some international guidelines? That is if you don't mind my asking? Would really like to know!

  10. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    the best list I ever saw was shared by impis a few years ago. some of the links on it are almost certainly defunct but it may well give you some good leads. Happy to forward it to you - PM your email if you want it. There are other lists around - try a search on the Primary forum.
    As to Early years, the Sherston EY Megadeal is one of the best bargains I have ever seen: very high quality software covering a number of EY goals, easy to install, intuitive to use and a firm favourite with our Reception and Nursery classes.
  11. Sure Ayesha, would love to share. Our curriculum has been adopted and influenced by international curricula as far as subject matter is concerned, but the ICT part was my institution's own idea. We inserted the ICT bits into it, in the form of subject related software CDs, Websites to be visited and ICT activities etc. For some years now we have decided to make it more meaningful and offer real life experiences using multimedia projects and web2.0 technologies, as I mentioned earlier.
    I would really like to know how ICT is being used in your institution and how are you facilitating teachers.
  12. Dear Shehla,
    Thank you for replying. Well as far as the curriculm goes ours is also adopted from international curricula but tailored and modified to our needs.The best part is that our institution has initiated the ETAC beginning from Early years onwards and we are also using the mutimedia and web 2 technologies along with smart board etc. Since we are new to the initiative we will have our share of trial and error but have begun on a very positive note.
    I just dont want too much much of undoing to cater to hence having a discussion with you all.Its wonderful how helpful some of you are.
    Coming back to how ICT is being used well we have our sheme of work and teachers are given a free hand at the moment to use ICT as a tool to enable the best of learning to come around. Their teaching practices are being closely monitored through regular observations, skill development trainings and disussions.I like the way it is being done but still feel that the teachers need a lot of practice with ICT tools/devices for proper enhancement of learning. Also that changes cannot take place over night. It will take time for ICT to get meaningfully embedded in our system.
    I am all open to suggestions for good links and softwares that enhance learning and help to embed ICT especially in the Early Years and Primary context.
    Regards Ayesha

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