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Email query to Orange

Discussion in 'Personal' started by margie2, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. margie2

    margie2 New commenter

    Orange promised me a Netgear router 3 weeks ago but I still haven't received anything and i'm getting the feeling they fobbed me off because I was complaining (livebox kept cutting), that or they are badly organised. They also promised I would not pay February subscription (£13 - will have to wait to find out).

    I've phoned a few times, to no avail. Long waiting time, costly, etc. I now want to email to them... but I cannot find their email addy (i've searched high and low, to no avail). I've found the one for Uganda and Switzerland mind... I've stumbled upon this one: services@orange.co.uk, but I really am not sure it is the right one for my query. Has anyone here got an email addy for them?

    (i've looked here as well but nothing: http://help.orange.co.uk/orangeuk/support/personal/contacting-us)
  2. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

  3. margie2

    margie2 New commenter

    Thanks Billy and 576.

    I find my Orange Broadband connection good but the Livebox is not great, it cuts off at least once a week, and I would like to change to Netgear (as advised by the resident experts on here, Bauble was it?). They promised to send me one over 3 weeks ago but nothing so far... However, there is no cap on the £13/month package I'm on and that's suits me.
  4. nikkib_1986

    nikkib_1986 New commenter

    I'm on an Orange phone contract and used 25% line rental discount. This has now gone down to 20%. I have always found orange to be very helpful and have never had a problem with their customer service- much better than many other companies I've had to deal with in the past!
  5. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    My experience of Orange as broadband providers (I didn't choose to go with them, they took over wanndoo/freeserve) is that they are beyond awful! I still have the replacement Livebox they sent to try and persuade me the problem wasn't one they knew all about but an equipment failure - I requested, and was promised on at least five separate occasions, a bag to send it back when I cancelled the contract - that was in 2006!

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