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email from an agency about the changes we are faced with

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by historygrump, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. historygrump

    historygrump Lead commenter Forum guide

    Dear Teacher,

    regulation of teachers. The changes came into effect on 1 April 2012 and are as follows:

    . The closure of the General Teaching Council for England (GTCE) and the establishment of the Teaching Agency. There will be no requirement for teachers to register with the Teaching Agency. The Teaching Agency will hold records of all teachers who are recognised as qualified teachers in England (QTS holders only). Agencies will be able to check for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) /induction status either by asking for certificates or by checking with the Teaching Agency via the online Employer Access service on the Department for Education (DfE) website (users of the former GTCE's employer access online service will be able to log onto the new service using their current username and password).

    . From 1 April 2012, cases of professional incompetence will be dealt with locally by schools and local authorities and not by the Teaching Agency. The Teaching Agency will deal with cases of serious misconduct where consideration needs to be given as to whether to prohibit the teacher from teaching. This will encompass cases where there is a safeguarding concern as well as misconduct. Referrals should go to both the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) and the Teaching Agency and the two agencies will then agree who will lead on the case.

    . FE Teachers with QTLS (Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills) holders who are also members of the Institute of Learning (IfL) will be recognised as qualified teachers (both conditions must be satisfied). The process for recognition as a qualified teacher for QTLS holders is different to that for other teachers – agencies will need to check with the Institute for Learning that an individual is both a QTLS holder and a member of the Institute for Learning. (Please note that QTLS holders must undertake 30 hours Continual Professional Development (CPD) per year – pro rata if part time – to retain their IfL membership.)

    . Teachers from the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia will be granted automatic QTS from 1 April 2012 (in exactly the same way that EU candidates can automatically apply) providing they meet all of the conditions in the DfE guidance. They will be exempt from induction but still need to obtain UK Border Agency permission to work in the UK if required. The teachers will need to apply to the Teaching Agency for QTS and if approved, they will be given written confirmation like other QTS holders.

  2. Did they respond in time, Bronco?
  3. i have had an answer to my FoI request and since receiving it I have been trying to get my head round all the statistics since they referred me to the School Workforce Census figures rather than just telling me the numbers that I wanted.
    This was not the first FoI request that I have put in. I had a reply from the DfE on 9th Nov 2011 (5 days after the date of the school census) I had asked for the number of Cover Supervisors and they told me that this information was not available.
    But on 1st May 2012 they told me that they do not have the number of Cover Supervisors prior to November 2010 but they could tell me that there were 2,500 Cover Supervisors in November 2010 and 7,400 in November 2011. Looking through all the statistics I cannot find any reference to Cover Supervisors anywhere yet we all know they have been increasing in number for nearly a decade now.
    For the number of qualified teachers in service in publicly funded schools their covering letter quoted 466,400 and referred to table 5 of the Statistical Release. Checking this table the total number of qualified teachers does stand at 466,400. But they added 19,700 unqualified teachers to give a total for all "teachers" of 486,000
    The Key Figure quoted on the introductory page of the Statistical Release shows a total of 438,000 FTE "teachers" in service comprising 361,000 full time regular qualified teachers, 61,200 part time regular teachers and 15,800 FTE unqualified teachers.
    But in table 4 (which has a footnote stating that unqualified teachers have QTS) there were 416,000 qualified teachers and 15,200 unqualified teachers to give a total of 431,100 "teachers"
    There was another group of teachers that was mentioned and that was the 11,500 occasional teachers (down from 12,200 the previous year) Occasional teachers are those who are in place in the schools on the date of the school census with contracts of less than 28 days so I am assuming that these are the supply teachers who are lucky enough to have some work on that date.
    But these teachers are not counted among the total of all "teachers" but the unqualified teachers are counted. Another example of the esteem with which supply teachers are held.

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