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EM Direct (Leeds) 2012 - anyone in?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by SpeShell, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hello

    I had a phone call today to say I had place for the leeds type area in September.

    Anyone else successful?
  2. Yes...yay! I am in too. Well done you too.
  3. Brilliant. Exciting times ahead! (trying not to read the depression/stress/unhappy forum posts!)
  4. Hi again,

    Just wondered if we had our interviews on the same day. I was on the Thursday and going for Early Years and Key Stage One..how 'bout you? :)
  5. Hi guys, well done,
    Can I cheekily ask you to share your experiences of the interview day? I've just submitted my application for the last deadline, so am being positive and preparing for interview. all feedback gratefully accepted! PM me if youd rather, thanks in advance,K
  6. great, thanks for the summary. and the parking tip! How many people in your group?
  7. we had 8 in our group. they were a really good bunch, will be interesting to see who else got on the course, because i thought they were all good candidates... good luck with your interview, i hope it goes well.
  8. ammonia

    ammonia New commenter

    I had my interview last year and thought that around 8 out of the 10 of us were good candidates too and I was curious about how many they would offer places to.
    In the end they took 7 of us. Whether that was beacuse we were a particularly 'strong' group or because if you get to interview stage you've got a pretty good chance of a place I'm not sure.
    Certainly, the one person who seemed strong who didn't got a place made a bit of a boo boo on the safeguarding questions during the interview, otherwise it might have been 8! Be wary of those questions. Don't say you want to work with children because of their innocence and naivete...
  9. Hello again.
    Just wondering if anyone's had a letter with any details yet? I'm starting to get impatient! Good job they rang to say I was in, I would be very convinced I wasn't if I was waiting for a letter!
  10. Hey,
    I had an interview for the Hartlepool GTP yesterday. Just wondering how soon after your interview they called you?
  11. Hi Jessica

    I hjave recently applied to em direct and I just wondered how you got on with the overall interview process and is there any guidance you could give me?

    Hope it went well and good luck!!

  12. got a letter to say i'm at a school in Bradford, all seems more real now! Anyone else got their info yet?
  13. Me too!..and I have a feeling we may be at the same school if you are doing Primary!
    Were you advised to do a maths booster training course? It is in June and wiould have to raise funds to actually do it and really don't think I can so soon, although I see it would be really useful. Will have to call them and suss it out I guess. Just worried that my place is conditional on this...however letter stated it was just recommended...ahh.

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