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EM Direct GTP interview

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Hercule, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Does anyone who has had an interview with EM Direct know what the process is? It seems to vary between providers so I'm curious about what is involved. Also, how many stages are there to the process?
    Thanks [​IMG]
  2. Hi, I had an interview this year and it is on one day. The day is made up of:
    -group task, maths test, English task, lesson starter and an interview.

    If you look back a bit further you will see specific info from December when I had my interview.
    Make sure your application form is fab as most of the selection goes on that. Good luck!
  3. Thanks Jemma!
    I've had a look at your older posts but I can't find anything about the interview - I'm probably not doing it properly! Thanks too for the application form tip - I'll try my best. I'm in a bit of a sticky situation because I need to find a school who will have me this September before I can apply (as I don't live in an area served by EM Direct) and it's proving very difficult...perhaps when they find out their budgets they'll be more willing to say yes or no definitively.
    In any ccase, could you just clarify a few things for me?
    - Do you have time to prepare the starter (days or weeks)? Or do they present you with a topic on the day (which would be frightening)?
    - What does the group task entail?
    - How many people interview you and what kinds of questions do they ask? Is it quite friendly or intense?
    Sorry if you've posted about this somewhere else - if you have then could you post the link to it? Many thanks!
  4. Hello
    I had to find another school as EM offered me the place on the basis that I found a different one. My mum works at my original supporting school and they considered it to be a difficult situation. They are probably right but i found it hard at the time. I made a data base of all the schools in Leeds, the heads name and number and why I would be interested in working there. It took hours! However it gave me a focus. I wrote to 10 schools originally and sent e mails to all the heads I had contact with. I ended up with a choice which is fab.
    I am just waiting to see if EM accept my school, but they would be silly not to as its a lovely school and the head and leadership team are just ace! Don't lose hope!
    The money is difficult- i think it will be roughly the same as the Education White Paper suggested that they would prefer this method to train teachers. I really hope the TDA can cope with the added cost.
    In response to your questions-
    Yes you do have time to prepare, at least a week. I did a session on RE and took in some artefacts connected with Sikhism. I also did a term and lesson plan and gave them a copy to put it into context- I think this went down well!
    Group task was to order tasks in order of importance as a group and present it back- quite simple. It was just to test your communication level.
    There were 2 on the panel for me. 1 head and 1 member of EM staff. They were both lovely but it had been a long day. They asked questions about my past experience, why I want to teach, ECM agenda, foundation stage learning, inclusive schools, partnership working, my fave subject etc.
    Maths test was probably foundation GCSE and English was a comprehension exercise.
    The whole thing was very draining, but they were very nice. Dominique put me at ease and she was happy just to sit and chat. I found it was emotionally charged as people want a place so much. The site itself is ace with loads of puppets and resources to explore.
    Be passionate about teaching and I think you will be ok x Im not sure you can apply without a schools support tho.
    All the best

  5. You are more than welcome x fingers crossed for you.
    The lesson starter is a bit odd, they didn't pretend to be kids for mine.
    What are ur ideas so far?
  6. I have a interview for secondary RE in Grantham on Wednesday, I am also apprehensive about the issue of the interview panel pretending to be the children. Also, how will the subject audit be used in the interview? They are so many uncertainties any advice? :)
  7. I did an RE lesson where i took artefacts from Sikhism in and they had a look at them and chose their fave a presented it back to us. (they had little cards explaing what they were)
    I also did some tabla bols (rhythm stuff) as they are quite closely linked as a warm up.
    They did everything I asked of them, but i didnt treat them like children as they wernt pretending to be like kids. I know last year some of the threads said they were playing up and being naughty but mine didnt. I can send you my lesson plan if you want but im primary.
    They look at the subject audit and ask you about an area you have identified as a weakness and ask what steps you intend to take to put it right. Dont worry about the audits.
    I dont know anyone who hasnt been accepted after an interview with EM, so i think you have a really good chance if you have an interview. The applications are highly scrutinised in the first instance.
    Good luck with the interview x
  8. Phew that is a relief I had visions of them going through the audit's point by point asking me specific questions! :S It is a 10 min starter. I have produced a lesson plan and a PowerPoint presentation on Euthanasia, looking at the sanctity and quality of life. I am aiming it a key stage 4. I am sooo nervous, particularly about the written tests = the dreaded maths. I am thinking its a longshot but hmmm we shall see :) thank you for you advice
    best wishes
  9. Thats what i thought, but here I am.
    Lesson sounds great. Its good youre looking at a tough subject x
  10. What level is the written maths test by the way? I have been told the test for primary and secondary is the same. I have revised a bit of fractions, decimals and percentages, (the things im rusty on). Is it GCSE or KS3 SATS level? Sorry to bombard you with questions :)
  11. Yes and mean mode and median, statistics, graphs etc. I dont know the level really but id say it was foundation GCSE/ yr 9 sats.
  12. hellloooo interview was today, not sure how to read it really. There was 3 of us there and I was told there are only 2 re places left so there is quite a lot of competition. The maths was ks3 level. I wasnt really impressed with the interview they did not seem to care what I was saying, just seemed to tick things off if I said them. Personally I dont see why I need to know all 5 componants of ECM to be a good teacher, but hmmm time will tell not holding out much hope.
  13. I think they are just trying to find out what you already know. I knew none of the strands of learning for early years and I still got a place.
    When will they be getting back to you? Who interviewed you? How did the lesson starter go?

    Jem x
  14. It was man and a rather posh grey haired woman, they were really nice and my lesson starter seemed to go really well. However I got the impression they were ticking off things I said on a list they had, waiting for me to mention certain things. I am anticipating that they will add up all my scores in all the aspects of the interview, but hmmm. They said we should hear by the 14th of May, so not long to wait. I will be the eternal pessimist until then haha xx
  15. We had to wait almost 4 months for feedback. It nearly killed me!
    yeh its all scored, i guess they have to do it that way as there are many different staff interviewing. They dont want it to be subjective to personal opinion i guess.
    Fingers crossed for you.
  16. hey :) just wondering how EM direct usually tell candidates they have got through? Is it through a phonecall? what time of day? sorry for the random questions haha x
  17. hey im pretty sure I did not get in as the guy I was in the interview with also going for the Reliigious education GTP got a call this afternoon to say he got in, im pretty sure they would have got in touch with me today if I had got a place. I am pretty gutted tbh :(
  18. Oh no that sucks x u don't know how they are letting people know n it might not be subject order.
    I really hope u get in x
  19. That's ace! Congrats. Maybe see you in September then.
  20. also as a matter of interest do all GTP make the schools pay the £5,000 shortfall from the TDA salary grant funded places?

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