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Em Direct GTP 2012

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Rachel_27, May 4, 2012.

  1. Hi Just wondered if anyone else is starting their GTP this september? Just wanted to get to know a few people before I started.
  2. Hi Just wondered if anyone else is starting their GTP this september? Just wanted to get to know a few people before I started.
  3. Hi,

    Yes I just found out I got a place and will be starting in September. I'll be training as a chemistry teacher. What about you?

  4. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Hi, Well done to you both!!

    I have recently applied with em direct, just waiting to see if I get an interview. I wondered if you could share any interview questions that you got asked and how you got on with the 5 minute starter exercise that I have read about.
  5. Hi
    I have received a place for a September 12 start from EM Direct for PE.
    Have you both found supporting schools yet?
  6. cmf


    Only just found out I DIDNT get a GTP so, im really in the ........ Didnt know you could apply to all of them, had no help at all in the process. So tonigh, its bombard every single provider.
  7. FEZ6

    FEZ6 New commenter

    Hi cmf
    Sorry to hear your news and I was not aware that you could apply to as many providers as you like through the gtp route.
    Keep looking you may find some providers still accepting applicants. Did you aply to em direct and did you get an interview? I have applied recently and I do hope I get an interview.

    Let me know how you get on.

  8. Hi Guys

    Only just logged on here since my interview at EM Direct. I was lucky enough to be offered a GTP in Maths! Have you all had the letter about the Pre commencement days at Leeds Met Uni at the end of August?
  9. Hi, i'm also starting the GTP in September in Maths :) Be nice to meet others doing the same.
  10. Hi Kirstie
    Will you being doing a Knowledge Enhancement Course in August at Grantham or was it not a requirement of your offer on the GTP?
  11. Hi John,

    I have just finished a maths SKE, i did it at Sheffield Hallam Uni as it was much closer for me.

  12. How was it? The one I'm doing is only for 2 weeks in August! Looking forward to getting started on the GTP now, should find a lot out at the Pre-commencement days at the end of August!
  13. Yeah I did the 2 week one too.I found it quite interesting, was looking at where methods and formulas come from as opposed to just just saying "here's the formula, learn it" which was good having just completed a maths degree where you just accept what is written in the formula book!
    I thought the Pre-commencement would be earlier, seems ages to wait to find out how everything works then will be starting in school a few days after!
  14. I look forward to it. Will be pretty useful I guess. Yeah, I'm in school on September the 3rd, really want to know the proper format of the year such as how many essays there are to complete and how many times we need visit the centre in Grantham.
  15. Hello Everyone!
    I have just joined this as i'm stressing out massively! I have everything prepared for the conference in Leeds tomorrrow. I was just checking through my file and then i realised I don't actually know where i'm going. I have recently moved house and I can't find the letter ANYWHERE. I have the email with the tasks but no details. I have emailed my tutor but thought I would ask on here as well! haha, PLEASE HELP!

  16. Hi Alice,
    It is at Leeds Met uni address; Leeds met uni, leeds, Ls6 3qs.
    James Graham building for 9am ( big building at the front facing the acre.)
    If you need anymore info let me know and i may bump into you tomorrwo! lol

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