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EM Direct 2011 GTP

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jemmavause, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Hello all

    I had the call today and I have a place for ks2 in September.
    After all this waiting I'm over the moon.

    Has anyone else got a place?

  2. Hello Jemma
    I also have had confirmation and have got a place for KS2 in September! So excited! :)
    Add me on facebook if you want to chat - Amy Louise Cope
    :) x
  3. Hello Amy

    I Cant find you on Facebook!
    When did you have your interview? How did you get your confirmation?

    Im so excited too- after all this waiting i couldnt believe it. Where are you based?

    Jem x
  4. Hey :)
    I had my interview on the 17th November at Grantham EM Direct Centre and got confirmation a couple of weeks ago on a Friday! :)
    Iv had a letter through to confirm and accept the place and have been invited on booster courses - have you? Do you think your going to do any? I'm considering doing the Maths one!
    I live in Nottinghamshire and will be doing my GTP at a school in Sutton-in-Ashfield.
    Where are you based?
    Amy :) x

  5. Also Jem - I have just changed my facebook settings so you may be able to find me now! :) x
  6. Amy

    Just had a call from them on Tuesday. I dont have any confirmation or anything from them at all so i e mailed but not had anything back. They are a bit rubbish at replying to e mails.
    I got a learning agreement form through this morning to sign and return with a comp slips saying- dear trainee, please sign and return.
    I would be interested in the maths booster (deffo) but i dont have any dates or anything. I did the qts practise tests and failed the maths boo!
    Im based in Leeds and i applied through my old primary school but as I say I have not had any conf from them. Did they say anything about the funding for the salary grant?

    Jem x
  7. Jem :)
    Yes I had those forms I think and sent them back - one was to register with the teaching council so they can get us a number etc... when we start in September.
    Then a couple of days later I got the one about booster courses - so I imagine yours is on its way! :)
    Maths is definitely my weak point so I think I will attend the course. It is 126 pounds though and is in July. There are English and Science ones also running in August.
    The QTS tests seem really hard so the sooner they are out the way the better I think! :)
    I'm with my old primary school too!
    And i've not heard anything at all about funding yet either - so I presume its all going ahead as normal. :)
    Amy x


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