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ELSA - Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by umbrellasky, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Hello,
    Can anyone tell me how I can become an ELSA - Emotional Literacy Support Assistant?
    I am just about to complete a degree in Creative Writing and I am interested in how I can use creative writing to help children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. After coming across this website: http://www.elsanetwork.org/ I realised that working as an ELSA would be something I'd very much enjoy doing, and would also allow me to use my creativity.
    Is there a recommended rout to becoming an ELSA? I am intending to volunteer in schools and apply for a TA job anyway, so would this be a good start? And who would I actually need to contact in order to train to be an ELSA?

  2. rosyjan

    rosyjan New commenter

  3. Hi Umbrellasky, the route to becoming an ELSA is through training by educational psychologists. It is basically five days of training and regular supervision meetings. You really need to be a teaching assistant first as this is who the ELSA training is offered to.
    I have a website www.elsa-support.co.uk which has lots of resources and ideas.
    I honestly think anyone who is interested in emotional literacy, who has empathy for children's needs, no matter how demanding and who is calm and patient at all times would make a really good ELSA.
    There is an emotional literacy intervention available that uses writing stories as a focus with groups of children. I will see if I can find the link. Also with your talent at creative writing you could write some therapeutic stories. These are stories that use metaphor to handle difficult feelings and for the child to see a way out. If you decide to have a go at this I would be happy to put them on my website to share with other ELSAs. [​IMG]
  4. Thank you Rosyjan that's really helpful I will take a look at that website [​IMG]

  5. Hi Trekkie, thank you for the advice, I will definitely keep an eye out for schools with Nurture Groups [​IMG]
  6. Thanks Greenteaaddict! Excellent website, I shall definitely send you my stories when I write some. My last module on my course was a teaching module and I had to create a lesson plan for a chosen target group. The target group I chose was children with emotional and behavioural difficulties in KS2, so I ended up reading a lot about therapeutic story writing, so interesting! It's what inspired me to look into this.
    By the way, I love green tea too, I'd recommend Twinings 'Orange and Lotus Flower' green tea if you haven't tried it! [​IMG]

  7. Please do! I am totally useless at writing stories!

    Also have a facebook page. If you want to keep in touch and have facebook.


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