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Elongate time spent on carpet

Discussion in 'Primary' started by karizma1485, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Hi there,
    I'm a student teacher in a year 2 class. This is my 3 week and I'm being constantly told that I am not spending enough time on the carpet. When I look back at my lesson plans there is nothing I am missing out and the teacher does seem to have any problems with my questions - in terms of missing major things out. However my teacher has told me that I tend to constantly repeat a question and that she thinks that I do this because I thinking about what I am going to say next. She also says that this slows the pace of my lesson yet my lesson always finish too early.
    So my question is how can I lengthen the time spend on the carpet but still keep the pace up. I must admit that I really do not enjoy teaching KS1 so when I am on the carpet my teaching style is that I am not that chatty - I find it difficult to be chatty and improvisational with KS1. I really don't feel like I have been given any guidance on how I can keep the pace up but lengthen my time on the carpet. Any suggestions please!

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