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Eleven Plus Tuition

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by PlymouthMaid, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    It rather depends where you live too I think. Is there 11+ in your area still? There is in mine and enquiries are about 50% for that. I find tuition is usually wanted for year 5 and 6 so maybe if your ad sounds like you are more for the earlier years that would limit you a little.
  2. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    Oh and I should add that 'yes' one of the first questions is usually about pass rate but everyone has to start somewhere.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes, numerous children in the area where I live do sit for the 11+ test / exams for independent schools. Do people who tutor 11+ obtain several past papers from such schools in order to prepare children for the exams or do they tell the parents to obtain the past papers?

  4. Most schools publish a sample paper online. I also use the GL assessment packs as they're at the right standard - unfortunately the 11+ plus tends to be a little beyond KS2 level.

    The Bond papers are also geared to 11+, and you can use the higher level Letts papers. Note that many independent schools have their entrance exams in January/February.

    My first year of 11+ teaching I used a technique of 1/ Go through a paper. 2/Teach the topics for the questions the pupil couldn't do. 3/ Repeat as needed until you hit the exams.

    It seems to work quite well; pupils don't worry so much about getting things wrong because they know I'm using it to pinpoint what we need to go over. And they're also getting quite a lot of practice at doing the papers.

    The type of tutoring required depends very much on your area. I also do quite a bit of KS1/Lower KS2 teaching - but if the kids in your area are all confident readers,that won't happen so much.
  5. Thanks very much - that was really helpful.
  6. I'm new to this too as the area where I now live has lots of selective schools. Personally, I swallow my distaste for the process and offer my services with respect to the VR and Eng papers. I also buy past papers and reference books- but I draw the line at dishing out games. Speaking of which, where can one find vocab development and pattern recognition exercises of the type that one used to find in magazines to while away long bus journeys?
  7. Ravena

    Ravena New commenter

    I'm 'bumping' this post in the hope that some current 11+ tutors will be able to advise me. I'm interested in offering 11+ tuition and would like to know if there are any helpful books or websites to help me get started (I currently only tutor GCSE and A level students). Many thanks.
  8. squirrel9367

    squirrel9367 New commenter

    To be honest you have to do some research about the entrance tests that the children are aiming at. Some schools test just VR and NVR and there are different formats of that so do they do CEM or not? Some schools test reasoning and English and Maths and some test science as well. If a child is aiming at more than one school e.g. local selective and an independent or even more then there will be varying tests to prepare for. The standard is different for each school too - you can get some idea about that from a forum on elevenplus exams. similar.www.elevenplusexams.co.uk/.../index.php

    In my area there are super selective grammars (state) where they do CEM tests and the standard is very high. Independents that are very selective through to hardly selective at all and then schools that use common entrance exams. Find out about schools local to you. Remember some children may be preparing for schools in other local areas especially if there is a state grammar.

    Common entrance is different again although at eleven the standard seems slightly easier than the independent/ grammar exams although science is also included. To pass children need to get 60%.

    There are many free papers on various independent schools websites and I spent some time collecting these and looking at how they compared to the sample tests for schools children are preparing for.

    I have used Bond papers (mainly for NVR) Susan Daughtrey for VR as she covers all the types and I think one of the criteria for tutoring is to prepare children to tackle lots of different types of question. CGP for maths as well as Achieve level 5 and 6 maths books. CEM style books for super selectives that use CEM. I also use a lot of material from the internet such as SATs questions, and free papers. Galore Park produce Common entrance past papers and I get parents to buy these direct if aiming at CE.

    I hope this is useful. Parents like tutors to sound like they know about local schools so do your research first.
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  9. I started doing 11+ tuition with no experience (I had worked as a primary school teacher, but was new to the 11+) - I just made sure I had lots of practice papers that I had already worked through myself (bit time-consuming, but you get quicker as time goes on!) I downloaded entrance papers from schools in area if I was doing tuition for private school entrance, but also used Bond materials. These websites have good free material: bright-stars.org, elevenplusexams.co.uk, www.elevenplus.com. I was never asked about my 'pass' rate.
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