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Electric guitars for school use?

Discussion in 'Music' started by cmf, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. cmf


    All will get a battering, the parts to go will be the guitar strap screw holders, the jack socket and leads. All I have tried and got depend on the amp your using for the sound quality.
    I have Squires, Yamaha Pacific and an Ibanez with Hartke Bass guitars.
    10w Marshall amps for Guitars and Hartke 15w for the bass guitars. I have tried Fender amps but have found the Marshalls have stood the test of time for school.
    I do not like to DI for recording and mic them up.
    Dont got for cheap leads it not cost effective in the long run. Make them bring in guitar straps and picks.
    It all depends on the quality of your guitarists, I find if they are any good they bring in their own, so I would generally go for the cheap option they all break if you drop them!
    Oh and you might need one of these.
    Hope this helps

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