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Election of parent governor

Discussion in 'Governors' started by Tangothecat, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Dear Stephen

    We are about to run an election to fill a parent governor vacancy, and are considering whether or not we could do this online rather than via the traditional pen and paper method. We would make special provision for parents who do not want online communication, but in our school this is a tiny percentage. Do you know of any schools that have run governor elections online - and whether this has been successful? There are clearly major cost savings. Many thanks.
  2. montiagh

    montiagh New commenter

    If you are a maintained school the responsibility of elections for school governors rests with your LA who will have in most circumstances delegated the responsibility to your HT. So you really need to ask your LA the question whether this would be acceptable.
  3. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    If you are a LA Community or VC school the LA is responsible for PG election procedure and probably doesn't allow you to do this. If you are VA/Foundation it's the GB's responsibility. so you could do this, but why do you want to do it? What are the "major cost savings"? We use pupil post and it costs us virtually nothing.
  4. Thanks. The cost savings are to do with the time spent by staff in producing and packing up more than a thousand letters.
  5. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    I see what you mean. The rules on this are in the 2007 and 2012 Constitution Regulations and say

    7. (1) The arrangements made under paragraph 4 must provide for every person who is entitled to vote to have an opportunity to do so by post.

    (2) For the purposes of sub-paragraph (1), “post” includes delivery by hand.

    (3) The arrangements made under paragraph 4 may provide for every person who is entitled to vote to have an opportunity to do so by electronic means.

    This confirms you may use electronic means but you must provide a postal alternative (which can be 'delivery by hand' ie pupil post)
  6. If you made this available online how would you ensure you reach all parents/carers?
  7. Rottie

    How do you ensure that EVERY person entitled to vote gets access to the materials when you use pupil post. Surely most Dads rarely see the inside of a book bag ? Especially those single dads who are not the primary carers.
  8. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    If school records show that the parents live apart a separate PG election form is sent to the non-resident parent by normal post. Otherwise one letter addressed to "The parents of ...." is sent with 2 election forms and reply envelopes and explaining each has a vote. Obviously that doesn't guarantee that some parents won't check the pupil's bag or one parent may not tell the other, but parents have to take some responsibility themselves to read what we send them and to talk to each other.
  9. I'm not sure that's a reasonable position for a school to take. This is the 21st century not the 1960s. A good third of those parents will probably split up. How many of those or the others have either the time or the inclination to discuss parent governor vacancies. And given that in those pupil records we should undoubtedly hold the email address for each parent, I think it a very reasonable expectation that EVERY parent can receive an email notifying them how they can participate in both the nomination process and the election.

    To be posting hard copies via the Royal Mail is positively medieval, IMHO.

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