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EIS members vote to accept...

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by uberman, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. uberman

    uberman New commenter

    From the EIS website, 56.2% of members voted to accept the latest proposals.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's disgusted by this. Not the best start to the weekend.

    Seriously considering joining the SSTA now...

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Turkeys and Christmas springs to mind.
    I've always been an active member but the advice to accept the deal and the fact that members have done so may bring my membership to an end.
  3. Well, thanks to this, based on the amount of supply work I've managed to get in the last 12 months, I can now look forward to a bumper pay packet of maybe £7000 over the coming year. That's only £15000 or so less than a trainee teacher. That's after 8 years of nodding my head and saying all the right things while I struggled to get to the top of the pay scale. 47% pay cut? If I'm lucky - it's probably more in the region of 80%. What other 'profession' would be willing to accept such a farcical situation? I'm actually not bothered about those that couldn't be fussed to vote - they just don't have a clue. What does bother me is how a majority of my so-called 'colleagues' could sign off on this. What sacrifices have they actually made? Any at all? 10% pay freeze for 2 years? I'll take that - hell, I'd take that for the next 5 years as long as I had a regular (point 6) salary coming in! I think I'd probably manage on £2000 net coming into my bank account every month. It's called budgeting. For those that did vote to reject, you have my respect and gratitude - the rest...well, I think I've made my feelings clear enough.
  4. xmal

    xmal Occasional commenter

    56% is about the same as the first ballot, if I'm not mistaken. So not many of us were convinced by the EIS' "negotiations". Time to change union.
  5. Oh ****! This is a nightmare for me. I can't believe that I've worked all these years to get to the top of the pay scale, only to be pushed back down again.
    To all of these apathetic idiots who have sold me out - GOOD LUCK. This decision will come back to bite them. COSLA will take this and run with it. This is just the start of a concerted attack on our pay and conditions.
    I am so p***ed off. I am leaving the EIS and will contact the SSTA. Perhaps, they will be willing to start a primary section. My only other option, as far as I can see, is to join the NASUWT.
    Anyone fancy starting their own union? How about it 'Reject EIS'? You have run a brilliant campaign. BUT even they can't beat the apathy from many of these permanent teachers who think that these changes won't affect them.
  6. They don't mention the turnout for this ballot...
    They used the 56% turnout last time as an excuse that the last ballot wasn't valid, as 56% of 98% wasn't good enough. What was the turnout this time and exactly what percentage of eligible voters voted to accept?
    I'm totally enraged about this turnout, but have to admit I saw it coming when I heard staffroom chatter in various schools, and people not knowing exactly what they were accepting but just doing as they were told.
  7. I already contacted SSTA about starting a union for primary teachers.
  8. misterroy

    misterroy New commenter

  9. Leesey,
    Did they respond favourably to this suggestion?
  10. ryeland

    ryeland New commenter

    Its all about guaranteeing jobs. Jobs for whom? Those of us left in the cold find our hours capped, a huge incentive for potential employers not to employ us.
    5 days and you are out. Those of you who think you have made "sacrifices" think about that. Pay freezes are fine when you have pay to freeze. Try a 40% cut in your rate and being forced to be (very) part time you selfish ...... (self censored)
    Hope you sleep well tonight, I won't. And as for the so called trade union.,.. Good bye, lackeys.

  11. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    I nearly came to blow in the staffroom yesterday (again!). This time,a young colleague told me that she did not see the point to talk about all those issues before they actually happened! Talk about head in the sand. Give me ******** strenght.
  12. Ryeland

    What can I say? I am in the NASUWT, we didn't get a second ballot, however our first ballot was an overwhelming rejection of the proposals. I really cannot believe that these proposals were accepted - if you want a real Union, leave the EIS. They have too much of a monopoly and are complacent. I am considering joining the SSTA again.
  13. ryeland

    ryeland New commenter

    I had already decided to leave, but stayed on for the ballot. (I was frightened of falling between two unions and losing a vote)
    I have now applied to join the SSTA and have asked the EIS to stop withdrawing my subscription off my card. (Uncertain income stops me using a direct debit).

  14. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    I'm raging. I expected this, but I'm still raging. When will this noble profession LEARN to fight for it's rights???????
  15. cochrane1964

    cochrane1964 New commenter

    42% turnout.
    56% accept.
    Ronnie says, 'YES'

    57% turnout.
    98% reject.
    Ronnie says, 'NO'

    Absolutely morally corrupt and undemocratic.

    To the EIS, leadership -
    Enjoy your honours the lot of you as you retire soon after enjoying the support of your colleagues. Know full well you are Quislings in our eyes.
  16. Disgusted
  17. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Just so you know, the 'noble' is a bit tongue in cheek, we should by all accounts BE noble (if only Education was not the political ***-slave de jour).
  18. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

  19. Absolutely [​IMG]
  20. My previous EIS involvement is well known on these boards and elsewhere and I hope to be very active again in the future. But in 36 years of teaching and EIS membership this is the worst decision ever. All teachers will regret the yes vote.

    I will not be leaving the EIS and would urge everybody to stay with the EIS no matter how badly you feel. The reason is 'what happens next'. This ballot is only stage 1 of the attack. Stage 2 will come from McCormac. I think we face another attack on salaries and conditions this summer and need to focus on what is coming from McCormac above all else so fragmenting at this time will make a very bad situation even worse.

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