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EIS Ballot---video

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by miguelsanchez, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Shane Warne, surely? Shayne Ward was the potato-headed Manc who won X-Factor!
  2. socrates82

    socrates82 Occasional commenter

    Yeah but Shayne Ward did a bit of spinning too!

    (or .... I made a typo and sent it before correction :) )
  3. I am disappointed that the effort being put in by the EIS to try and paint the offer as some kind of good deal was not matched in the lead up to the initial ballot where the EIS recommended that offer be rejected but did not produce significant material to supplement the recommendation.

    I am not presently hold any post within the EIS, but when I was on EIS Council I often argued there were alternatives to accepting the unacceptable,

    I believe there are alternatives to accepting what is a de facto 2 year salary cut all round with extra cuts for temporary/supply staff which need not involve strike action. As a starter there could and should be serious publicity on a par with the advert taken put out by COSLA before the first ballot to get our message across. That should be followed up by involving the EIS membership in a significant protest campaign along with highly focussed action against new initiatives. This is not rocket science. Its what we did in the past and is sustainable.

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