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Egyptians Y3/4

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Easter bunny, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. we will be studying Ancient egypt in the autumn term and I would like to arrange a museum/gallery visit. Anyone been to any good venues in the North of England?
  2. kym131218

    kym131218 New commenter

    Hi I did this last autumn too but no luck with museums. The only place we could find was London national museum.
  3. You don't say whether you are in the north-east or north-west which makes a little difference to the travelling time.
    However, I just googled 'egyptian exhibitions at uk museums' and came up with this list.
    I've been to the Manchester exhibition which was very good but they seem to be revamping at the moment according to their website. Hope it helps.
  4. If you are in the north west then Manchester Museum is good as is World Museum Liverpool where you can get free trail leaflets and workshops.
  5. Easter bunny - i see you are teaching a Y3/4 class. I will be in September and am really struggling with mt English and maths planning. Are you able to give me some direction?!!
    Thank you.
  6. martianpoolwoman

    martianpoolwoman New commenter

    As you say Manchester Museum does a fab visit and there is the new salford display also but this is verye xpensive and has replica artefacts .

    Manchester based Yellow Brick Road workshops do an ancient Egytian workshops in school that is based around Drama literacy and history . Obviously no artefact handling, but 90 minutes solid teaching by qualified teachers. They also do a full day which includes journalistic writing in the afternoon

    Their web site is
  7. As has been mentioned the Liverpool World Museum is very good. I have to admit this year we're not doing a museum visit, instead we're off to watch the horrible history awful Egyptians show :D

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