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Egyptians creative curriculum ideas/planning

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cheeky21, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Hey, from September as a school we are embracing a creative curriculum.
    I will be new to year 3 and the first topic/theme is Egyptians.
    Has anybody got any good ideas? Creative links, planning etc
  2. Anybody out there.....?
  3. stuffedcrust

    stuffedcrust New commenter

    What's your e mail address?
  4. stuffedcrust

    stuffedcrust New commenter

    You have mail.
  5. I don't like to ask, but could I see too - new to Y3 from EY, so lots to get my head round. thanks! celestine18@gmail.com
  6. Wuzzy

    Wuzzy New commenter

    Here are just a few ideas - no particular order

    Calculate like an Egyptian - use their symbols for 1, 10, 100 etc to work out sums - adding 2 and 3 digit numbers rapidly becomes quite long winded - really good for showing children how useful it is for us to have 0 as a place holder!
    Mummification - processes etc - produce pamphlet. Don't forget to wrap a child or two up in loo paper and have the crochet hook ready for extracting the brains (mashed up orange jelly made with a bit of milk in looks pretty disgusting!)
    Create a Mummy Rap
    Canopic jars (clay) Sphinx (clay)
    Canopic jar shape (writing frame) - explain what they were used for and what the different heads on the jars represent
    Weighing of the heart vs feather (hold a court for each child's 'heart' to be weighed)
    Lots of info on Kented website about underworld/gods etc
    Get children to pick a god each, do research, produce leaflet/page for class book
    God quiz - make up Who am I? profiles
    Hieroglyphics - research, draw/paint own name and simple message
    Tie in to RE with story of Moses (could act this out too)
    Make Tutankhamun death masks (modroc over mask shape then painted - if you grease the face mask with washing up liquid, you can get it out easily and once washed it can be used again)
    Scarab beetles made out of pulped papier mache
    Create ancient Egyptian tourist brochure (look at modern stuff for ideas) - ICT
    Egyptian papyrus scene - look at examples of Egyptian paintings - children come up with own version.
    Geog - River Nile - find on maps, discuss why so important to Egypt
    Make pyramids out of Lego - design on squared paper first. Perhaps have a competition
    Make nets of square based pyramids - decorate with hieroglyphs, then hang up and display the pyramids once they are glued into shape. (or you could create a diorama of the pyramids - Early Years usually have sand going spare!!)
    Have fun - hope some of these ideas will be of use

  7. Fabulous ideas! [​IMG]
  8. stuffedcrust

    stuffedcrust New commenter

    I e mailed you some stuff - did you get it???
  9. jenhet

    jenhet New commenter

    Hamilton Trust has some fantastic lesson plans for a topic called Incredible Egyptians. It covers various aspects of ancient and also modern Egypt. I've used some of the plans and they're very good. I paid for access but I think they may now be free.
  10. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    In addition to ideas above, we made our own papyrus from strips of kitchen towel and watered-down PVA glue (dried really well!). Then painted our cartouches with our names in hieroglyphics, including gold paint which looked fab!
    Look at different Egyptian gods/goddesses and the meanings of the items they carry/wear. Then I got children to create their own god or goddess, choosing a body, drawing their own head and own things to be carried. Everything had to be relevant to what their god was the god of, e.g. goddess of dance had a penguin head (chldn said penguins dance!), carried a staff (for power) with a disco ball on top and an ankh (because dance is eternal). I can email you my plan (this was an observed lesson this term) as well as headless bodies and god/goddess info. Let me know if you want me to.
  11. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    Hi Sillow,
    I'd love to have a look at your headless bodies and god information if you don't mind? I'm moving to year 3 and one of my topics is Ancient Egypt! That sounds brilliant!
  12. Hi,
    Just to add to these wonderful ideas, have a look at Teachers TV as there ideas and videos for dance linked to Ancient Egypt. Tried it with my class and it worked quite well!
    Loz x
  13. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Let me know your email address!
  14. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    I've just sent you a personal message!
  15. If anyone wants to buy some cheap books on ancient egyptians, there are over a dozen on my site -totally unopened cos I was never allowed to teach this topic (sadly! ) - good stuff , and all at half price or less!
    www.grumbles.me.uk - look for the history link
  16. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I have now put all the resources for the headless gods lesson in the resources area under 'Make Your Own Egyptian God', including SMART Notebook and lesson plan.
  17. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    Has anyone got any good ideas how to start this topic off? We're starting the creative curriculum and have been told we need a 'hook' to get the children into the topic and an outcome for the end. Didn't know whether to organise a trip to start off with or if anyone has got any other good suggestions?
    I'd thought about setting up a museum as the outcome to show all our work to the rest of the school and possibly parents? What do you think?
  18. Alie

    Alie New commenter

    What about a scroll arrives with 'funny' writing - decipher to work out what it means! Could have a task when deciphered? The fact that the funny writing is heiroglyphics should be a good enough start!
  19. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    What a brilliant idea Alie, I love it! This is going to sound really stupid but what type of activity? My new class are Year 3 and I'm moving from UKS2 so am worried about pitching it right I suppose.
    Definitely given me something to think about though! I'm relatively new to teaching and it always amazes me how quickly other teachers can come up with things so quickly!!

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