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Egypt Topic for SLD Class - any ideas?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Blue_dime, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Blue_dime

    Blue_dime New commenter

    I have a class for children with Severe Learning Difficulties and have
    been asked to cover the topic of Ancient Egypt. I really want to make
    this as experiential and multisensory as possible and am looking for
    some practical activities which we can attempt - any ideas. Much of what
    I have found so far is based upon gods/goddesses, pharoahs, mummies etc
    all of which seem a little too abstract for my little lovelies. Can
    anyone help?
  2. I have made an Egyptian death mask.
    I used a plastic mask, grease with vaseline (so the mask comes off easily at the end) and then papier mache - about 8 layers so it's really thick. Then they can paint. Get them to design their colours onto a template first before they paint the mask.

  3. Blue_dime

    Blue_dime New commenter

    Bump - please help!!
  4. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    We mummified a large teddy, pretended to pick it's brains out through it's nose and other gruesome things. We bandaged it up and lay it in a sarcophogus that we'd made and decorated. How much of a tomb you create is up to you. We made the death masks too and used gold metallic paint, very effective. Dancing ' walk like an egyptian' maybe. Music - a death march kind of thing to accompany the mummification or laying in the sarcophaus. Lots of incest.. oh, didn't quite get round to that!! Have fun, god topic.
  5. Well, obviously my suggestion doesn't count as help!
  6. Blue_dime

    Blue_dime New commenter

    With respect Irulan I am grateful for any ideas that I can get yours included - however I have to try to find snippets of this topic that will be meaningful to these children and their everyday lives and likely repertoire of experiences. Egypt as a topic opens up a vast array of themes to follow and whilst I would love to cover mummification, pharoahs, death masks etc with them I am not sure how to make it tangible to the children and do not feel right in doing something in isolation and 'just for the sake of it'. I have to plan a series of lessons within this topic and need to make it as relevant to the children as possible - like another post mentioned in another forum - its not necessarily the content of the topic but the skills that I can develop within it that will me meaningful to them!
  7. Whether you want to take on board any ideas that are suggested is, obviously, entirely up to you. A clearer original post might have helped. However, my response was in reply to
    without any acknowledgement that two people had tried to help. I'm afraid it's rather indicative of many of the posters on here.

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