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Effective whole school approach to spelling

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Carolyne740, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. cozg

    cozg New commenter

    many thanks for sending to to me
  2. Thank you for the email! It will be useful.
  3. Wonderwoman1

    Wonderwoman1 New commenter

    This sounds very useful. Would love a copy if you are still sending. Thank you.

  4. sue_d

    sue_d New commenter

    Thank you for the email. It looks very useful.
  5. We are in same sort of position. Good spag results but spelling let us down. If you are still very kindly emailing, I would be very grateful amy333@hotmail.co.uk. Many thanks!
  6. magazine

    magazine New commenter

    So sorry. I found I couldn't access previous email address supplied. Please can I crave your patience and ask you to try this OneidaOneida

    So grateful. Many thanks
  7. magazine

    magazine New commenter

    Oops. Ignore. Sorry
  8. smee_42

    smee_42 New commenter

    If anyone could send this to me I would be HUGELY appreciative. I've been given the job of improving whole school spelling and don't know where to start.

  9. Anders

    Anders New commenter

    If anybody could send me a copy I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  10. I would also really appreciate a copy! Thank you

  11. annelda72

    annelda72 New commenter

    If you are still sending please could you send a copy to davedavis44@sky.com?

    Many thanks.
  12. Have watched this for while and hate these sorts of threads. However as searching hasn't found anything that will help with the spelling issues could I please be cheeky and ask if anyone can share this. Hikazzy@googlemail,com
  13. Wonderwoman1

    Wonderwoman1 New commenter

    Would be very grateful if someone could send me a copy. Thanks. wonderwomanjen@hotmail.co.uk
  14. I am really floundering with this too! If someone could email this to me I would just be so grateful! My email is kezza_boo@hotmail.com.

    Thank you.
  15. ESLAB

    ESLAB New commenter

    This sounds really useful. Please could I too request a copy? Thanks so much. My email is treneman@sky.com
  16. Could I please get a copy, many many thanks!


  17. Can I jump on the bandwagon too?


  18. miss may

    miss may New commenter

    Please could I have a copy too. Thanks in advance.

  19. angel-74

    angel-74 New commenter

    Could I please have a look as well.

  20. I would love to hear what you have implemented!

    My email is lisamwright@hotmail.co.uk

    Thank you so much

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