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Effective sanctions against bullying

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by esmereldor, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Hoping someone can help. I am a new head in a primary school and have been in post for 1 term. We seem to be going through a particular spate of nastiness amongst the children, which mostly is glorified squabbling and bickering. However there are some more slightly serious incidents and some have been reported as bullying. One parent has removed a child and is making a formal complaint, and as a consequence there are a lot of mutterings on the playground amongst parents. We are only a small school, so it takes even less than normal to get the rumour express rolling. It is probably worth saying that we followed the antibullying policy and that we had worked hard in the 2 weeks, between the initial report that bullying was happening and the child being removed. It was additionally complicated by by the parent of the bullying child also complaining that her child was being bullied by the first one. Very difficult to see what is really happening, as they are extremely good at ensuring it happens beneath the radar.

    I need some advice about what sanctions other schools put in place for bullying and what people have found works well - we generally do reconciliation type work well, but sanctions not so well.

    I also would love any ideas about how to manage parent perception - as at the moment this is that the school is not tackling the issues well (at all?!). I am finding it difficult to defend our actions as I can't go into any details with other parents who have asked about the particular case where the girl left for confidentiality reasons. I need to demonstrate loud and clear to the parents that we are proactive (which I think we are) in dealing with bullying behaviour...

    Please help - am in need of new ideas
  2. When is the bullying happening? If it's during playtimes then they don't get to go out until they can do so without making people miserable. Depending on the bully they might get put in a nurturing group to receive help socialising or a good telling off during their missed breaktimes. If it's on the way home then their parent has to come and walk them home until the bullying has stopped. If it's during lessons (?!) then the children are separated during class time. You could work out who was doing what by making sure they are completely separated during playtimes - maybe they each have an area they can go into, until the bullying has stopped. It is very hard to resolve bullying particularly since often children and parents blow one incident out of proportion and become hyper sensitive to the tiniest slight. I'm interested to see what other people think.

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