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effective revision techniques

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Spidermonkey, May 28, 2011.

  1. keyword bingo
    quizzes (such as in groups with each group allocated a topic to come up with 5 questions about, they hand their questions in, and voila you have a 5 round quiz)
    pass the exam paper - a selection of part d and e questions on A3 paper, students in groups have a question, they have 2 minutes to write down useful info on the A3 paper before passing it on to the next group and so on. When you are back to where you are started, students (individually or in groups) have 10 minutes to write the answer to the question which can then be peer/self assessed.
  2. What about getting the students (or you!) to create some short podcasts which could be uploaded to the school server/VLE and from where students could download each other's to their smartphones/mp3 players?
  3. I have done a rally write exercise for 12 mark question - A3 sheet and the students in pairs eaxh write a paragraph for answer the question. On the A3 paper you put what has to be included ie;- Some Christians would say/believe.... because... When one student writes their partner 'coaches' and supports. Do it as a timed activity. Use the mark scheme to peer mark... works well. Also find someone who knows..... On a sheet type out 10 questions about a topic, so yesterday i did ones on the Media and religion and topic. Each student gets out of seat and goes round the class to find someone who knows the answer. swop answers and sighn for it. Again do as times ... good starter and gets them actively learning.
  4. Faldamir12

    Faldamir12 New commenter

    Thanks for all of your replies, I will certainly try these ideas! =)

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