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EExBA-R thoughts

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by curtism, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. curtism

    curtism New commenter

    I have just input all my baseline data ahead of this weeks' deadline. I am, at the same time, completing my Best Fit data, which will then have to be uploaded onto Pupil Asset. Didn't realise this would be so much work and, obviously, all done during my weekends. We have a thought-provoking final moderation one evening this week - it'll take HOURS. I feel the poor lambs in my class have been neglected whilst I observe and assess instead of chat and play - EExBA-R is definitely the most classroom/teacher/child friendly - but it's been a struggle and I feel very tired! Thank goodness for my resoundingly fabulous teaching assistant! Now that this is all drawing to a close, I can finally get on with my job.

    Is anyone else concerned that it feels as though data on EExBA-R is not correlating tidily with best fit data (assessed against Development Matters)? Particularly for Shape Space Measure - getting all Yes scores for any one section is meant to mean children are working at ELG level but I have plenty of children who got all 4 ticks in SSM but are nowhere near the ELG.

    How are other EExBA-R teachers doing out there?
  2. dbu

    dbu New commenter

    I agree, the statements we have to assess against are too specific when we normally and still need to put them in broad age bands. We have yet to submit all the data but are finding it has taken over our lives at school (we have 60 children) and PSed and routines have been neglected by observing rather than playing with them. We were told they don't correlate with ELG and we were told to look at them as the start of the year and children not required to be as masterful of the statement as they would be if you were looking to assess them against them at the end of the year. (hope that makes sense)
    Is anyone going to use this data?? we are planning on tracking through and only using our age bands judgements for the remainder of the year, but would be interested as to what others are doing.
  3. curtism

    curtism New commenter

    I think the only people who are going to use this data is government (to beat us all over the heads with when children don't make enough progress at the end of Years 2 and 6 - even though this baseline data is so imprecise and subject to interpretation. We absolutely are going to revert to best fit assessment against development matter statements and our knowledge of the children over time.
    Has anyone else had a child who seemed to be settling really well, happy and achieving but has now taken a sudden dip and starting crying every morning and wetting themselves and not doing much all day long? Is that a high level of well being or low? Oh, this is such a pointless flaming waste of time...
  4. Camokidmommy

    Camokidmommy Established commenter

    I agree the exercise was frustrating and we had to do a local authority tracking document too. Did feel relieved that we could now begin teaching 'properly'. Our tracking is against DM bands and, while not perfect, gives a more rounded view of the children.

    We identified where each EExBA statement came from, some were ELG and some were 30-50 and not necessarily the a or b statement as you may expect. Random.....or a government ploy....

    Will be interesting to see what the EEXBA data 'shows' us and how the government manage to skew it to beat us with.
  5. Emmabaz88

    Emmabaz88 New commenter

    Hi, I have completed my baseline data. I was wondering if anyone new what the baseline scores will mean at the end of Reception... E.g. If they get a total score of 34 on baseline will they be expected to achieve a certain score at the end of the year?
  6. curtism

    curtism New commenter

    Basically the score will mean absolutely nothing unless, in 2022 you happen to be a Year 6 teacher, in which case a child's baseline score should somehow tally with their SAT results and be evidence that a school has had a sufficient impact on learning - this is a prediction and measurement exercise. But there is no re-scoring at the end of Reception, if that's what you are asking. The hilarious fact that for many many years of working as a Reception teacher I have been able to pretty accurately predict SAT results of the children I have taught - at no extra cost to the school or government - seems to have been missed by those in authority. This baseline farce is costing the country a FORTUNE. Why is it needed? I seem to recall that EExBA are being paid £39 PER CHILD to process this data and we are all left wondering: to what end?
  7. Lizzyr123

    Lizzyr123 New commenter

    We got selected to do a comparison study with EExBA-r and Cem baseline it has been a nightmare as I have had to imput target tracker too. I hated them both! I am interested to see the results. Most interesting was a child who could recognise numbers in the thousands 4325 but couldn't count out accurately items to 20 be interesting to see where they score.Wouldn't have thought to check numbers that high it was only that CEM was a progressive computer test.
  8. jenniferslater3

    jenniferslater3 New commenter

    I have found that the results have come back so much higher than expected and children seem to be classed as 'typical' even though they have only achieved some of the points that link into the 30-50 months of Development Matters.
  9. mrswhitbread13

    mrswhitbread13 New commenter

    I completely agree that the results have come back much higher then I first thought. Now worrying that the children aren't going to make enough progress from a results point. To myself I know they will make good progress but due to the results being so high it's going to put a lot of pressure on.

    Interested to know what other people's results are like/how people feel
  10. gleam2000

    gleam2000 New commenter

    We've just looked at ours and feel a little sick. In literacy, it suggests that nearly 90% of our children are typical and above. If this suggests that we will get 90% expected at the end of the year then I may as well give up now! I know it's not meant to be used to evaluate progress in FS but I have little hope that it will not be used as a stick to beat us. :-(
  11. Narcher

    Narcher New commenter

    You may want to have a look at the FAQs on eexba.com under the Reports section. There is an answer re Literacy data.
  12. muckle

    muckle New commenter

    • I have just looked at my Exxba results and have spent ages trying to work it all out. The results of PSED and C&L results are poles apart and for some reason 4 of my children are above average in literacy when they didn't score any of the 'b' statements ( I know that there is the 'explanation' in the FAQs but that is simply a cop out when all other 'b' statements seem to be above average - and we were told that in the training.) I chose EE because it kept me in the classroom. Looking at the results now I wonder if my beliefs for what was best for my children has now backfired. There is also (as far as I can see) no narrative to describe the summary, which would have been helpful. I have enough to be getting on with work wise without having to interpret this data. Also they give the national scores for overall (in FAQs)but as far as I can see there is no overall summary of scores for my school to compare it to (instead in the summary there are percentages for each part of the data (e.g. W&I, C of EL) There is the training, of course.......
  13. Miss Piggywig

    Miss Piggywig New commenter

    Ive just got back from the training. It's the only way to get the national summary data. However saying that I'm not sure it was worth the morning away from my class. I do feel the whole thing has been a waste of time. I have managed to make my tracking and the EEXBA data roughly match but it hasn't told me anything new. However it's taken me hours of my own time and ment I didn't start teaching for much longer. None of which have helped the children in my class in anyway.
  14. muckle

    muckle New commenter

  15. twistedficus

    twistedficus New commenter

    Are you able to reveal the national data? Or was it a do at your own peril kind of thing....
  16. mushy

    mushy New commenter

    Hi All

    Thank you for the information regarding the Literacy, that makes sense as to why it was so high. However, I'm horrified looking at my school data for the Prime Areas:
    • PSE 70% Below - despite achieving a under all three headings
    • PD 70% Below - despite achieving a under all under both headings
    Can anyone explain why this is? I thought a meant average???!!!

    What a nightmare this baseline has been!!!!!!!!!!! :(
  17. Twigletcat

    Twigletcat New commenter

    Hello everyone,
    I know I'm being dense but can some one tell me how the 'overall' results have been calculated.

    For instance if you have 31% typical in literacy and 41% in maths and the overall is 46% how is that reached?

  18. curtism

    curtism New commenter

    you have to go to the follow up session to understand the data - ours is tomorrow - another morning out of school: just what my class does not need...
  19. Rainbows23

    Rainbows23 New commenter

    Hello all
    So, have people...
    a) done their own assessment of the children alongside baseline?
    b) converted the statements eg above typical, typical, to development matters bands?
    c) used software to convert it to development matters?

    It would be interesting to see what you guys all think now. :)
  20. Miss Piggywig

    Miss Piggywig New commenter

    Carried out our own usual assessment along side. Tried to comare the 2 sets if data, given up with that as not matched so filed it for 7 yrs time and will continue to use our own data to measure progress. Really a waste of time. Doesn't seem to mean anything. Nothing from government on its purpose, they aren't even sure if it will stay next year. What does everyone else think is baseline here to stay?

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